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The People Triumph.





The People of Sangamon Gloriously Sustain the Country!

Elsewhere we give the election results in Sangamon county, the home of the president, the seat of abolition power and patronage in the state. Most gloriously do they echo the popular voice of the people of the states which voted last month. Where, six months ago, the democratic majority was quite large, it is now nearly doubled. In almost every township, on an increased vote, the democratic majorities are increased, while, for congress, our candidate nearly trebles the majority of June.

This result is achieved, in the face of the almost superhuman exertions of the abolition state officials here, and the recipients of their patronage. By threats, brow-beating, and money, lavished with an unsparing hand, the disgust and indignation at state and national misrule was sought to be suppressed, and the people's voice stifled. But it was vain. The ball of popular reform had started. Men who all their lives have stood in opposition to the democracy, joined the party of the people & voted clean democratic tickets, stood at the polls and urged all to do it, and, with the democracy, feel that a good work has been done, and rejoice that they have contributed to so just a rebuke to corrupt power, and have contributed to so signal a triumph over it, at its doors and under the eaves of its sanctuary.

Glorious old Sangamon, ever loyal and true to the Union and the constitution, she spits upon and defies the revilers of her patriots, she hurls back, with defiance, the imputations of power's minions upon the loyalty of a majority of her sons. She gives the brand, emphatic lie to the men who have made the charge of "traitor," "secessionist," "rebel-sympathiser" against the democracy incessant in repetition. She tells these slanderers that if democrats are traitors, old Sangamon is covered all over with treason, if treason it be to stand by the Union and the constitution, and to repudiate, condemn and abhor the machinations of abolitionism. She proclaims it by a thousand majority!

Nobly have the democrats and other conservative men of Sangamon, done their duty, and especially is this true, in view of the pressure brought to bear upon them through the presence, the official power, the money and the patronage of the state administration.

Hail, old Sangamon, and the Illinois capital, the home of Lincoln. She has passed a fiery ordeal, but comes out brighter and stronger by the trial.