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The Negro Poison Working.

The abolition correspondent of the abolition Chicago Tribune, dispatches that journal from Cairo, on Wednesday, as follows:

"The government have done a wise thing in emancipating itself from the exhorbitant demands of the white laborers here. Fifty cents to a dollar an hour was formerly no uncommon price for labor about the levee and steamboats, and now work is almost exclusively done by contrabands."

This exultant announcement is as base as some of its statements are false. If the demands of the white laborers at Cairo were exhorbitant, which, doubtless, is untrue, could not others, from the hundreds who are now idle throughout the state, be brought there? This would not do. The abolition programme must be carried out. The negro poison must be infused. White men were employed to do the government work at Cairo, and were being paid a reasonable compensation for their services, but abolitionism commenced a howl in favor of the blessed negro, and the result is stated as above, by the Tribune's correspondent. "Contrabands" supply the places of white men, whose wives and children are probably in a suffering condition as the result of it. The abolition pets, the negroes, are employed by some government official, and all abolitionism joins in a general "hallelujah" that their detestable work is "marching on" & that white laborers are deprived of labor and bread, and that the first, last and only love of abolitionists, the negro, is growing fat and comfortable by the pap which has been provided for him.

The glee of these men over that which every white man whose heart feels a single emotion of kindness and affection for his own race, is simply "infernal." Such men gloat over the misfortunes, miseries and deprivations of white men, and clap their hands with delight only when they are informed that the god of their idolatry, the negro, is provided for. That a portion of the white laboring class of the country have been deluded into the support of this negro-worshipping, abolition, black and red repuelican organization is too true. How much they will be forced to suffer therefor, it is impossible to foresee, but the indications are strong that there is a settled determination on the part of abolitionism to drive white labor from the state or compel the white man to work by the side of a negro, and for the pay the negro is willing to accept. White men and women are already being deprived of labor and means of support to make way for "contrabands." This all benefits the rich man, for the reason that it cheapens labor; but it is ruin and degradation to the laboring poor.

The latter have their remedy at the ballot box, and indications are every day making that such remedy will be made available.