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Senator Douglas's Successor.

Gov. Yates has appointed Hon. O. H. Browning, of Quincy, to the United States senate, in place of Senator Douglas, deceased. Mr. Browning is undoubtedly the most fit man in the state for the place. He is a republican, but we don't care anything about that, — if politics have been dropped, then it makes no difference; if they have not, then the republicans had a right to the man. No democrat ever asked Gov. Yates to appoint a democrat, or expected that he would. The Tribune urged that he should do so, and we think it would have been a stroke of political policy (if there is any politics now,) for him to have done so; but we are suited with Mr. Browning, and don't care a fig what he has been, politically — he's for the union, and so are we all. The Chicago Post, in speaking of Mr. Browning, says:

We regard this selection as an extremely happy one. Mr. Browning is an old resident of the state, he has long been known widely as an able lawyer and eloquent advocate, and thought he has never been in political life, he will doubtless bring to the discharge of his new, high and responsible duties, political learning and popular aptitudes that will qualify him as a highly respectable representative of Illinois in the councils of the nation. — There is this to be said further in his favor, — he holds, and has ever held, conservative views of the agitating questions that have within the last few years been infused into the politics of the country. He was formerly a whig; he has never allowed any man to reckon him as an abolitionist.