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Tenshun-Wide Awakes.

— Is it not a pity that our val-i-ent wide awakes disbanded? Their frothy lager beer boasts that they would whip the south into submission, are not forgotten. They were going to be on hand to protect Lincoln, at his inauguration, and then reduce the south to submission. Carl Shirts told them they must be prepared to exchange their lamps for muskets, and as long as secession was confined to words they were as "bold as a sheep." But now, when by their own sectional aggressions, the government is in danger of disruption, and every day brings us nearer the horrors of a civil war, where are the brave wide awakes? It is a waste of time for them to appeal to the old war spirit of the democracy, and ask them to volunteer to kill their neighbors. The two millions and eight hundred thousand men who voted against Old Abe are not anxious to engage in the work of murdering their own countrymen. Old Abe says "this government cannot endure part slave and part free." If he is right, in this declaration, why do the republicans desire to force slave holding states to remain in the union, unless they intend to carry out that other declaration of his, to "place slavery in the course of ultimate extinction?" The horrors of a civil war, no tongue can tell, and union men will hesitate sometime before they volunteer to kill their own countrymen for endeavoring to protect themselves. The wide awakes, of course, will trim their lamps and be ready to march to the scene of carnage at once! They should brush up the striped ribbons on their caps, and get ready to march before they call on union men to engage in butchering their own countrymen. "'Tenshun — wide awakes!" — "RawF'lincon!"