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Position of the Union Men of Illinois.

The following is the platform adopted by the Union men of Illinois at the Great Union Mass Convention, held at Springfield on the 3d day of September, 1863:

Resolved, That this unholy rebellion was commenced without any justifiable cause; that it has been maintained in violation of every principle of justice and humanity, and that it is the duty of the Government to suppress it, by the use of every Constitutional means within its power.

Resolved, That we will lay aside all party questions, and forget all party prejudices, and devote ourselves, unreservedly, to the support of the Government, until the rebellion shall be finally and forever crushed.

Resolved, That whatever else may die, the Union shall live to perpetuate civil liberty; whatever else may perish, the Government shall survive in all its Constitutional integrity; whatever else may be destroyed, the Nation shall be preserved in its territorial unity; and to this end we pledge anew our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

Resolved, That the strength of our Government consists in the respect of the people for the law and its constituted authorities; and whoever opposes the execution of the laws, whether by open rebellion, as in the disloyal States, or by secret combinations, as in the loyal States, or teaches others so to do, is an enemy to republican liberty.

Resolved, That the recent successes of our army and navy form a glorious record upon the page of history; that our gallant soldiers have won for themselves imperishable renown; that their victories indicate a speedy overthrow of the rebellion and strengthens our confidence in the wisdom and efficiency of the Government.

Resolved, That the course of that portion of the Democratic party who have not forgotten the dying injunction of Stephen A Douglas, and who have, in the hour of our country's trouble, nobly rallied to its standard, and who have placed their country and its destiny above and beyond mere partisan success, meets our hearty and patriotic admiration, and their services will live in the memory of a grateful people so long as constitutional liberty shall remain.

Resolved, That we tender our heartfelt sympathies to the thousands of wounded heroes, to the multitude of widows and orphans who are scattered over the land in consequence of this unholy rebellion, and we assure them that a grateful country will remember them in the hour of their necessity and disaster, as well as cherish the memory of the gallant dead.

Resolved, That in view of the extraordinary difficulties and embarrassments which have environed our national and State affairs during the present atrocious rebellion, the efforts of the constituted authorities of our national and State governments commend themselves to our highest respect for the zeal, ability and fidelity with which they have been marked.