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Mason and Slidell Captured.

It will be source of gratification to every loyal man in the country, to learn that the traitor senators named above have been captured, and are now on their way to New York. They were taken from the British steamer Trent, in the Bahama Channel, by officers of the U. S. war steamer San Jacinto, and were on their way to Europe as commissioners of the Confederate government, to procure aid and recognition of the rebel Confederacy by the governments of France and England. They will, doubtless be given quarters at Fort Lafayette to ruminate upon the treason in which they have been among the chief instigators, and which they will no longer be able to aid by their subtle counsels.

It is possible that the taking of these traitors from the deck of a British vessel may lead to difficulty with the British government. Whatever the responsibility may be, our government, no doubt, is prepared for it.