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Startling News!

War Commenced!

The telegraph brings us the startling intelligence that Fort Sumter is besieged by the South Carolina traitors. Fort Moultrie has been repaired, and has opened fire on Major Anderson. The gallant Anderson and his men have taken an oath never to surrender the Fort but with their lives. Brave fellows — may God give them a safe deliverance out of the troubles and danger, with which a traitorous President has surrounded them. Major Anderson and his gallant band have the prayers and the praises of millions of Americans who love their country. God bless the noble fellows who have sworn to do their duty. They may perish, but their memories will live in the hearts of all true men.

We are also informed that a combination is forming, to take forcible possession of Washington before the fourth of March. The precise time is not stated. War has now commenced, and it is the duty of the Northern States to put their militia in a position to answer the call of the Government, should it be made. This Government must not be overthrown without a desperate effort to preserve it.