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The Prospect.

We conversed with a gentleman to-day, who has recently traveled through most of the counties north of Bloomington, and he expresses the opinion, based upon observation during his tour, that the efforts of the republican leaders to dragoon the masses of their party into opposition to the new constitution, is by no means successful. The valuable reforms which it embodies cannot be hidden from the people. Comparing the constitution itself with the wholesale misrepresentation of its provisions uttered by republican partisan presses and orators, they find they are sought to be gulled. They learn from its provisions that it reduces the burthens of taxation fifty per cent., and that it provides for a large decrease in the annual expenses of the state. Its wise provisions against special legislation; its abrogation of the privilege of worthless bank-note making; its restrictions in regard to the creation of debt by cities and counties; its guaranties to mechanics and laborers of liens for the security of their hard-earned wages; its homestead provision; its protection of the Central Railroad fund, and its other manifold features adapted to the present condition of our state, strike every intelligent thinking man as worthy of his approval and vote.

Interested partisan office-holders, who would preserve the "good thing" they now have in the shape of enormous perquisites and fees, which, under the new constitution, are to be paid into the state treasury, for the people's benefit, cannot so blind an intelligent public to the true merits of the issue to be decided on the 17th of June. Ultra abolitionists, who are seeking to turn Illinois into an African "city of refuge," and grasping partisan cormorants who would continue to feed fat upon high taxes and special privileges, are laboring in vain. The people are for the new constitution, and cannot be lied out of expressing their approval of it at the polls.

From the Military Tract and the Wabash counties, and from Egypt, we hear similar good report. At one time we feared that, with their minds so deeply engrossed with the pending conflict between their country and the rebels to its authority, the people would overlook their immediate home duty, and permit, by supineness, the bankers, monopolists and partisan jugglers to defeat the new constitution; but the efforts of these men — their persistent, braggart misrepresentation, instead of obtaining credence, aroused the people from apathy to investigation, which, of necessity, is followed by conviction of the superiority of the proposed over the present constitution, and of the utter falsity and unworthiness of the men who are laboring to defeat it, and to whose sinister labors may be attributed, in large degree, the spirit of enquiry which has been aroused, and the consequent favorable results flowing therefrom.

Let the constitution be read, and its provisions be investigated. Let its friends in every county, town and precinct be active in its behalf. Let organization in town and county be perfected, to the end of getting out the full vote. Let energy and activity prevail with all, from now till the closing of the polls on the 17th, and the result cannot be doubtful, and the people of the state will enter upon a new era, which, as far as a wise and wholesome fundamental law can contribute, will be one of prosperity and good government.