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Correspondence of the Whig and Republican.

From the 137th Regiment.


MEMPHIS, TENN, June 20, 1864.

As I am not otherwise employed I will send you a few lines for you to insert in your columns to inform you of our condition as a regiment. Considering the circumstances with which we are surrounded we are in good health. Capt. Castle has been complaining for several days, but has regained his health sufficiently to enable him to take charge of his company, which has been under the command of Lieut. G. M. Roberts, who is a very efficient officer. We are all well pleased with our regimental officers. Almost every hour in the day there may be seen quite a group of soldiers gathered in front of a wall tent which has for its occupant Colonel, or "Father Wood," as some of the boys call him, who is ready at all times, when not busy at more urgent matters, to entertain them with some stories of earlier times, and scenes through which he has passed. Our Lieut. Colonel seems to have been created for the special purpose for which he is now serving. He controls the men in a very gentle yet stern manner. The men are ready to follow him through all kinds of blood, simply because they love him. The Major is a strict disciplinarian, but not quite so easily approached as either of the others.

The prospect for this regiment to stay here until our time is out is very flattering. We are encamped by the side of the 3d Illinois Cavalry. The companies are not all here.

The 119th is camped down the Herndon road about a quarter of a mile. That regiment is badly used up, having been in that expedition up Red river which was so shamefully executed. They, however, are not the least discouraged. They say they are ready to face the enemy again.

We have a few sick in the regiment, but not nigh unto death. There are one or two young boys who are a little home-sick, but their disease is not considered dangerous.

I wish you would send us a number of the Whig and Republican as often as once a week. We are anxious to hear what is going on at home. JAMES A. SEATON,

Co. B, 137th Illinois Volunteers.