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Richmond Fallen!

The long-looked for and earnestly desired consummation has come at last. RICHMOND HAS FALLEN! WE have no time or disposition to multiply words over the thrice glorious event. Hurrah! hurrah!! hurrah!!!

Gen. Grant on the Military Situation.

The following is an extract from a late private letter from Gen. Grant to his father, who resides in Covington, Ky. It gives his views of the condition of the rebellion:

"We are now having fine weather (March 24) and I think we will be able to wind up matters about Richmond soon. I am anxious to have Lee hold on where he is a short time longer, so that I can get him into a position where he must lose a great portion of his army. The rebellion has lost its vitality, and if I am not much mistaken, there will be no rebel army of any great dimensions a few weeks hence. Any great catastrophe to any one of our armies would, of course, revive the enemy for a short time, but I expect no such thing to happen. I am in excellent health, but would enjoy a little respite from duty wonderfully. I hope it will come soon. I shell expect to pay you a visit the coming summer."