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This is the word all over the country. In every northern State, we observe the Legislatures are devising ways and means for reducing the fiscal expenditures. On account of the indispensable necessity for the most frugal administration of city, county and State governments, there is a general and systematic reduction in fees and salaries, and a lopping off of all surplus expenses. But in Illinois, the Democratic party, with an eye alone to the spoils, have initiated a new Constitution, which not only doubles official salaries, but provides for hundreds of new and unnecessary offices to be paid to of the people's pockets. Instead of economy they propose general extravagance. Instead of reform, they have opened the way for new abuses. Instead of lossening the taxes, they will necessarily increase them. Instead of retrenchment, they have been guilty of a perfect loosness in arranging for the future expenditures; and if the scheme they have devised is adopted by the people, the prospect is imminent not only for fixing the pro-slavery Democracy in power in this State for all time to come, but for speedily running the State into hopeless and irretrievable bankruptcy. Are people prepared for this?