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Another Kind of Treason.

[From the Macomb Eagle.]

Some of the republican papers hereabouts are enlarging upon treason. They have been enlarging upon this crime for some months, but they are now breaking out in new places. They will soon have treason as frequent in three months as they formerly had "freedom," and just about as selfishly and hypocritically. The democrats are now threatened, if they hold democratic conventions and nominate democratic candidates for the various county offices, they will do so under the pains and penalties of being denounced as "traitors" by the lick-spittle of Abraham Lincoln. We think democrats are not to be diverted from exercising their rights and maintaining their privileges under the constitution, by the abolition leaders of the republican party. It is but a little while since these fellows raised their voices for the Union, and they can now claim but little sincerity. Their conduct is full of the ways and means that lead to despotism. These republicans before the election hooted at democrats when they said a word in behalf of the Union, and even thought to stigmatize us as "Union savers." At the same time they declared the "south might go — we can do without them." Such men as these now pretend to teach democrats loyalty, and to prescribe bounds to our political action. They threaten us with mob violence if we question their political action. All this has been carried on, too, by those who are loudest crying out "no party" — "no discussion of the acts of our president" — "no objections to the resolutions of our congressmen." Democrats are not disposed to put up with this insolence and bigotry any longer, even if it is clothed with the mask of patriotism. If republicans are ashamed to muster any longer under their former names and principles, let them say so openly — let them make a clean breast of it — they will feel better after confession. But democrats have nothing in their history to be ashamed of — they look back upon their party action with gratification, and they intend to abide by their good old name, stick to their glorious principles, and under the same banner of the constitution and the Union fearlessly meet all their enemies.