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Democratic No-Partyism.

The election returns from the different counties in the state show that the democrats have abided by the no-party agreement, faithfully — "over the left." In Madison county a Union ticket was run, composed equally of democrats and republicans. A straight democratic ticket was brought out in opposition to it and elected. So it was in Macoupin, so in Pike, and so in Monroe. And so we might almost say in St. Clair; for, though no ticket was regularly nominated, yet of the county officers elected, all but two are democrats, and the democratic candidate for the convention received 290 more votes than the republican. Is it true that the democrats will unite with us only when they can have all the offices? It looks like it. We are inclined to think democratic no-partyism a humbug.

Belleville Advocate.

Now is not that cool? The democracy have elected a large majority of the delegates to the convention. Say 55 out of 75. Of the former number, forty-five, at least, run as regular democratic candidates, and were so elected. In a few counties the democrats joined in the support of the so called "Union" tickets. They bore their part of the performance in good faith. In nine-tenths of the counties the democracy refused to co-operate with the hollow "Union" movement. They stood by their party organization, and the result is, they are successful in carrying the convention by a large majority. Republican appreciation of the result is shown in the paragraph we quote above. The "no party" dodge on the part of the republican managers was unsuccessful. The democrats would not bite at it, and because they would not, but maintained their integrity as citizens and as democrats, they are charged with "bad faith."

We concur with the Belleville Advocate. "Democratic no-partyism is a humbug" — republican "no partyism" is ditto, as is proven by the growls of its organs in Illinois since the late election. "No partyism" which gives republicanism the power and the offices is all right. A "no-partyism" which does not do this is but a bundle of "bad faith!"

In the counties the Advocate names above the republican wire-pullers sought to inveigle the democracy into a hollow alliance, but it was declined. The double-refined "Union" men persisted, and got up their hermaphrodite tickets. The democracy met them with regular democratic tickets, and routed the bogus "Union" thing in each county named. Per consequence, the jugglers are now lustily crying "stop thief." Funny, ain't it? But "who's the dupe?"