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1st Sergt. (later Lieut.) Samuel Durkee

1st Sergt. (later Lieut.) Edward Webster who were witty and observant enough to provide us with "colorful commentary" on the early days of Battery G.



The following is a transcription of a portion of the Morning Report Book for Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, based upon a custom-ordered microfilm of the original at the National Archives in Washington, DC. Only that portion of the Morning Report Book devoted specifically to Battery G was copied to the microfilm. The full citation for this (original) material is:
National Archives. Record Group 94. Adjutant General's Office. Civil War Regimental Volumes. 2nd Illinois Light Artillery. Morning Reports. Cos. G-M. Company G.

The Morning Report Book consists of two types of forms for each month. The first part, headed "Morning Report for the Month of ____" consists of "tabular statements" or a daily listing of the numbers of men (and horses) present and absent for duty, among other items. Only a few of these (from 1863) were placed on microfilm, although almost all are extant in the original book. Those that were included on the microfilm were selected because the columns usually reserved for the signatures of the 1st Sergeant and the Commanding Officer were instead filled in with comments regarding the day's activities, such as distance marched, or other notes normally found on the second part of the monthly morning reports. Only those "Morning Reports" for early 1863 are included on the microfilm; other


material from "Morning Reports" is based upon taped dictations or hand-written notes taken while on-site at the National Archives.

The second portion of each company's Morning Report Book is generally headed "Remarks for the month of ___". These are simply a page with numbered lines, representing each day of the month, with space for "remarks." These "remarks" pages are the bulk of the material contained on the microfilm, and provide an excellent source for detailed information on the battery's day-to-day activities.

Only those days with comments have been transcribed; it was deemed unnecessary to include numbers for those lines left blank in the original. In the original, there was only one page devoted to each month; that limitation has not been retained in the transcription. Page numbers have been added here for indexing purposes, but did not appear in the original.

Most punctuation has been retained, although some periods or commas have been silently added when they would assist the modern reader. Some periods are equivalent to commas but appear in the original. Items that have a line through them were crossed out in the original. Virtually all abbreviations used in the original have been retained.

Spellings have been retained. Of particular note is the fairly consistent use of "fs" for "ss" throughout portions of the book (such as "Mifsifsippi"). Most other errors as they occur in the original are denoted by the use of "sic" within square brackets, although common variants (such as "Privats" for


"Privates") may not have been noted. If the transcriber has corrected an original error, the correction is indicated by square brackets. Square brackets are also used to indicate uncertain wording or illegible writing.

Individual's names were often spelled several different ways, depending on the clerk; in most cases these variants have been retained without comment. Several names deserve special comment. Anton Delang often appears as Delong; in the State Adjutant General's Report of 1866, he is listed — incorrectly, it is believed, (at least according to evidence presented by the Morning Report Book) as Anton Delaney. Orlando Croucher also appears as Orlando Croncher. It is uncertain which of these spellings is correct — in this transcription or any other records. At least twice a soldier by the name of Broom is mentioned (Jan. 14 & 15, 1863). There is no question that this name is spelled this way on these particular entries, as the writing is crisp, legible and clear. There are one or two other entries where this spelling could be questioned, but in any case, the Adjutant General's roster does not list anyone named Broom in the battery. However, there are several Browns listed by the Adjutant General; is it possible that one of these Browns is actually a Broom? Similarly, some of the transcriptions were not entirely clear as to whether the name was Broom or Brown. Lastly, Lorenzo Pruyn was always having his name misspelled, as it appears also as Pryun and other variants. Some variants may also have been inadvertently created by the transcriber as well, as this particular name is often


difficult to decipher. Variants for other individuals' names also appear, and have gone without comment.

Please note there are several discrepancies between the material contained in these reports and the muster roll information from Springfield, particularly with names and dates. As with the example of Anton Delang, above, it is the transcriber's opinion that the materials contained in the Morning Report Book are more reliable than that in Springfield, since the Morning Reports were a necessary part of the daily business of soldiering, and were present in the field with the soldiers, instead of at a far-removed State Capitol.

At times, some information may belong to the previous or the following day to that which is shown in this transcription. Long entries were squeezed onto the one line designated in the books for that particular day, so subsequently, it is often difficult to tell which portion of an entry belongs to which day. The transcriber has examined any questionable entries and placed them on the particular day that seems most appropriate, based on all evidence of the text.

Every effort has been made to avoid errors in transcription, but as transcribing from microfilm is twice removed from the original record, some errors in transcription may have occurred, and may still remain. Viewing the original records is always the best method for obtaining reliable historical information. However, failing that, it is hoped that the material provided here, even if slightly flawed, will be of immense interest and aid to those who wish to march alongside the men of Battery G.


Remarks for the Month Ending December 31st, 1861.

1 Priv

2 Privates Hathaway, A. Sherborn, Sterner, Hager, Kingsbury & Sylfus. & Serg't. J. W. Reid taken to Hospital.

3 Corporal Disbro taken to Hospital

4 Lieut. Whitney & private Ransom gone home on furlough. Privates Wilkie & Kellogg taken to Hospital.

5 Privates Scutt & Wm McDowal [sic] on furlough. Privates Forbes, Gould & Anstiss returned from furlough.

6 Gavin T. Gould joined by enlistment. Privates Sterner, Reed, Smith & Hager discharged from hospital. Rec'd 49 Blouses From Quartermaster.

7 John Chidester joined by enlistment. Privates Churchill & Weir taken to hospital. Corporal Disbrow discharged from hospital.

8 Private Weir discharged from hospital.

9 Lieut. Smith ret'd from detached service. Private McQuarie ret'd from furlough. Lieut. Lowell, Corp's. Wilch, Crocker, Disbrow & privates Melburg, J. W. Davis, Barry, J. Calhoun, Padget, Sterner, Cummings, Gould & McQuarie on detached service.

10 Lieut. Smith on detached service.

11 Privates Smith & James on furlough. Private Hitchcock taken to hospital.

12 Privates Ransom & Rice returned from furlough. Lieut. Whitney returned. Private Kellogg discharged from hospital. Privates McCollister & D. Scott on furlough from 12th to 19st [sic] Dec.

13 Privates Ladd & Ireland on furlough till Dec. 20th/61. Private Scutt returned from furlough. Private McDowal [sic] also returned from furlough.

14 Private Olmstead taken to hospital. Private Melburgh returned from detatched [sic] service.

15 Lieut. Lowell, & Privates J. W. Davis, Barry, J. C. Calhoun, Padget, Sterner, Cummings, Gould, McQuarie, & Corporals Disbro, Wilch & Crocker returned from det. service.

16 Private Walker to Hospital.


17 Serg't. Reid returned from hospital. Privates Wilkie, Hathaway & Silfes discharged from hospital. Privates Anstis, Dorset & Padget sent to guard house for going to Springfield without permission.

18 Serg't. Durkee returned from furlough. Private Walker discharged from hospital. Private Maurer joined by enlistment. Private James ret. from fur.

19 Private McCollister returned from furlough. Privats [sic] E. McCollister and G. McCollister joined by enlistment.

21 Private Slate returned from furlough.

22 Privates Dorset, Anstiss and Padget released from Guard House. Private Sterner sent to Guard House for striking Corporal Disbrow. Sergeant Fort taken to the Hospital — very sick.

23 Privats [sic] Minnis and Olmstead went home on furlough. Sterner released from Guard House, pr. Esbyorn and Sergt. Webster went home on furlough.

24 Private Hartman went home on furlough. Capt. Sparstrom went to Chicago. A. Sherburn discharged from Hospital.

25 Cor. Benjamin Sherburn and Private Albert Sherburn gone to Genoa Ill (on furlough.) Privats [sic] Sylfus and Barry gone to Springfield as guards at the Arsenal. Col. Thos. S. Mather sent the "boys" two boxes of Tobacco.

26 Moved into Lincoln Barracks, cold and windy.

27 Very cold but clear and otherwise pleasant. Lieut. Whitney with 30 men returned from the Arsenal at Springfield. Commissioned officers went to Springfield and remained overnight. Privats [sic] Holland and Bailey returned from the Hospital. Holland has been there about three months with a broken arm, the use of which he can never fully recover. The men have been busily working on the Barrack, it being in a very unfinished condition. The officers have put-up tents in front.

28 Lieuts. Whitney & Lowell returned from Springfield.

29 Private Kingsbury discharged from Hospital. Private Hitchcock died about five O'clock in Hospital. Had the measles at first, which settled into Lung Fever. His friends reside in Panama, Chautauqua Co. New York.

30 Private Hitchcock buried at the old burying grounds two miles East of here. Skilton Smith returned from furlough.

31 Private Skilton Smith returned from furlough, [sic] Cor. Curtis and private Churchill discharged from Gen. Hospital.


Remarks for the Month Ending January, 1862.

1 Sgts. Durkee and Reid, Corp. Wilch and Private Westgate made out the Muster Roll. P.S. Jan. 3d, The Muster Rolls were not accepted.

2 Lieut. Nott Smith returned from Recruiting Service for which purpose he was detached by Col. C. B. Watson commander of this Post. Cold and windy. Private Kingsbury sent back to Hospital.

3 Privates Ekvall, Hartman and Minnis returned from furlough. Lieut. Smith & Sergts. Durkee, Reid and Lees made out a new Muster [the following is crossed out] out [end crossed out portion] Roll. By order of Col. Thomas D. Allen commandant of this Post, all men on furlough are to return immediately.

4 Private Olmstead returned from furlough. Sergt. Reid and private James made out Pay Roll. By special company order, no private or non-commissioned off. is permitted to go into the cook room.

6 Private Videll returned from furlough. Sergt. Fort made out a list names [sic] of the privates and non-commissioned officers names, their P.O. Addrefs and their Legal Representative — Mild and good [sleighing? sunshine?]

7 Sergt. Webster and Adjutant Whittemore returned from furlough. Private John Burns joined by enlistment. The "boys" built a Horse Stable. Lieut. Webster and 30 men went to Springfield to guard Arsenal.

8 The Descriptive Book was finished to day.

9 Corporal Benj. Sherburne returned from furlough. The 46th Reg. Ill. Vols. refused to do picket duty 'till they are paid. Battalion Order in regard to the keeping the Barracks swept and clean was read to the Company to day.

10 Private Esbyorne returned from furlough. The — Reg. of Sharp Shooters left here to day for Quincy when [sic] they will probably remain for sometime.

11 Capt. Sparrestrom returned from Chicago. Brought Privats Carlson and Delang who joined [the following is crossed out] us [end crossed out portion] the company yesterday by enlistment.

12 Lieut. Whitney and his thirty men returned from Springfield. Very cold.

13 Very cold — we all kept within doors —


15 Capt. Sparstrom, Lieuts. Lowell, Whitney and Smith received their Commissions.

17 Sergeant Webster, detached by order of Col. Mather as a recruiting officer at Springfield.

18 The men signed Pay Roll. Four Cannons received from Springfield for the use of the Battalion. Company received pay this 18st day of Jan. 1862.

19 Private Rose died in General Hospital about midnight.

20 The remains of Private Rose were sent to Clinton Ill. Corp. Crocker went home on furlough. Private Kingsbury also went home on furlough. Private Holland received his discharge, he having a broken arm and went home.

21 Jackets and Haversacks were issued to the men.

22 Private Thomas Scanton joined by enlistment.

23 Privates Whitmore, Williams, Rice, Ferris, James and Esbyorn promoted to Corporals. Private Gore went home on furlough. Lieut. Lowell with thirty men went to Springfield to guard the Arsenal. Blouses were issued to the men.

29 Lieut. Lowell and his 30 men returned from Springfield. Private Warner sent to the Guard House for going to Springfield without permission.

30 Privates King and Donoghue went home on furlough.

31 Sergeant Heath returned from Recruiting Service. Private E. O. Wilkie and A. Sherburn returned from furlough. Maurer returned from guard house. Reid went to the Hospital very sick. Private [illegible] and Stephens came into Camp [illegible] joined by enlistment [illegible].


Remarks for the Month of February, 1862.

1 Geo. M. Shippy joined by enlistment.

2 Lieut. Smith detached as Afst. Q.M. of this Post. Private Tellford, who went home on furlough about the middle of Dec. 1861, is supposed to have deserted.

4 Lieut. Lowell went to Sycamore — 49th Reg. Ill. Vols. left here for Cairo.

7 Privates Scott, Donoghue and King returned from furlough Private Walker went to St. Louis on furlough Private Flemming [the following is crossed out] returned [end crossed out portion] discharged from Hospital. "Boys" "packed up" to leave for Cairo.

8 Left Camp Butler at noon (7th) for Cairo.

9 Arrived at Cairo 8, o'clock A.M.

10 Left Cairo for Camp Paine Ky. when [sic] we arrived at 5 O'clock P.M. 9, inst.

13 Very warm and pleasant.

14 Walker returned from furlough. Sergeant Lees and eleven privates left on a mortar boat for — Ft. Donalson. Cold and snowy.

15 Lees and men did not get away until 10 A.M. to day.

18 (See remarks March 3)

20 Sergeant Heath and 15 privates went to Ft. Holt as an attack was expected but they saw "nary a Secesh."

23 Sergeant Webster returned from detached service.

27 Sergeant Lees and men returned from Ft. Donalson.

28 Private Philip McKartney left Camp last night without leave. He has [deserted?]

29 [the following is crossed out] Sergeant Durkee was elected by a majority after all other candidates of 35 votes [for?] Fourth Lieut. [end crossed out portion.]


Remarks for the Month Ending March 31st, 1862.

1 Sergeant Durkee was elected Jun. 2nd Lieut. & E. Webster appointed Orderly Serg't.

3 Cold and freezing. Corporal Esbyorn on detached service to Cairo, reported there Feb 18th according to special Order No. 8.

4 Serg't. Reid returned from home.

6 Sergeant Fort, Corporals Whitmore and Ferris and Private Gould detailed to go to Cairo pr special order no. 16 to report to Capt. Vaughn at Ordnance Office. Ferry boat did not cross in [season?] for them to go. Corp. Esbyorn ret'd from detached service. Recd orders to march at moments warning to Columbus. Steamer Illinois arrived at 10 P.M., embarked at 11.45 P.M. left Corp. Disbrow & private Wm McDowell in hospital. Wm. McDowell shot himself through the hand with a pistol in the morning. Made monthly return for the month of February 1862.

7 Arrived to Columbus Ky. at 3 A.M. Distance 20 miles from Camp Paine. At 10 A.M. disembarked & pitched our tents. Rec'd 149 horses.

8 Regimental hospital arrived from Camp Paine. Wm McDowel [sic] ret'd to quarters from hospital.

9 [the following is crossed out] Shot a diseased horse leaving [end crossed out portion.] Divided 148 which were divided [sic] equally between Capts. Sparrestrom's & Roger's companies.

10 Wm McDowell granted furlough expires on or about the 7th April.

11 Received ten Horses and ten mules.

12 Wm Bridges [the following is crossed out] joined by transfer [end crossed out portion] temporarily attached to the company.

13 John Chidister taken to Hospital very sick.

14 J. C. Westgate taken to Hospital.

15 Boat from New Madrid with news of its evacuation by Rebels. Hope 'tis true.

16 Justus M. Golden taken to Hospital. Rec'd twenty eight horses, said to belong to another company.

18 John A. Nale taken to hospital.

19 One horse strayed. Efforts are being made to find him. One of the horses rec'd the 16th died of lung fever. Rec'd ten mules.


20 Conclude to consider the horses rec'd the 16th as belonging to us until we receive an order for their delivery and report them accordingly.

21 Two horses are "off" without leave. Rec'd marching orders. Packed up and left. Delivered over 25 horses and have not yet recovered the two lost ones. J. M. Golden returned from hospital.

22 Left Columbus Ky. at 2 A.M. and landed at Hickman Ky. about 5 1/2 A.M. Major Stolbrand was severely injured by his horse going over a bank in the dark. Capt. Blake captured by some of our officers.

24 [the following is crossed out] Sergt. Benji F. Sherburn reduced to the ranks for conduct unbecoming a soldier and an officer. [end crossed out portion.]

27 Sergt. Lees and privates Barry, Hall and Chidister, having been discharged from hospital rejoined their company. One of our mules seceded.

30 Received orders for parade. Parade turned out to be a march as we marched 10 miles and encamped or rather bivouaced [sic].

31 5 3/4 A.M. started for Union City Tenn. 6 3/4 heard the first pickets fire. Soon after came into action and sent our compliments to the rebels in the form of shell and cannister when the rebels "skedadled". So we burned their camp and returned to Hickman. Captured a prisoner, a mule and four horses. Privates Minnis & Johnson severely injured by the premature discharge of one of the pieces.


Remarks for the Month Ending April 30th, 1862.

1 One horse died from effects of severe labor going to & returning from Union City & want of hay

2 Serg't. Webster in command of 9 privates went foraging with three mule teams. Returned with three loads hay.

4 J. C. Westgate joined company from Hospital in Columbus. Two horses got loose and strayed.

5 Corp'l. Disbrow and private J. A. Nail joined company from hospital in Columbus.

6 Serg'ts. Webster & Heath went out to search for the strayed horses. Returned unsuccefful. [sic]

7 Lieuts. Lowell & Durkee with 12 enlisted men in search of two strayed horses.

8 Lieuts. Lowell & Durkee with Squad not returned at 9 A.M. Returned at 2 P.M. Under orders to be ready to meet the rebels at any moment as an attack was expected. "Nary" "Secesh" came.

9 Lieut. Whitney with squad of men & mule teams went foraging, returned with hay & corn. Corp'l. R. E. Disbrow granted furlough it expires May 9th 1862.

14 Rec'd pay for two months, ending Feb. 28th.

15 Lt. Lowell & Corp'l. James went to Cairo Ills.

16 Lt. Lowell & Corp'l. James returned from Cairo Ills.

18 Lt. Durkee, Sergt. Heath, & Private Winter went to Cairo Ills.

21 Serg't. Heath and Private Winter returned from Cairo Ills.

22 Lt. Durkee returned from Cairo Ills. Wm Bridges left to rejoin his company at Columbus, Ky. By order of Lieut. Col Duff.

24 Private J. A. Nails started for home.

26 Orderly Sergt. Reed went to Hospital.

29 Made out Descriptive list & clothing acct of privates [D.?] Hyslop & P. Donoghue

30 [the following is crossed out] Wm. Bridges returned to his company about the 23d Apr. [end crossed out portion.] Lieut. Whitney went to Cairo. Sent Descriptive lists by him to Capt. Rogers, Columbus. Private John A. Nail discharged for disability discharge to take effect Apr 17st [sic], 1862. Men mustered for pay.


Remarks for the Month Ending May 31st, 1862.

1 Lieut. Whitney returned, bringing clothing.

2 Distributed hats to the company.

3 Corporal Rice went home on sick furlough for 30 days. Lieut. Durkee went to Cairo. Boat went and left them.

4 Lieut. Durkee & Corp. Rice started pr boat at 10 A.M.

5 Lieut. Durkee returned from Cairo.

6 At 10 A.M. rec'd orders for 1st section to march. 12.30 found us on the march towards Dresden. At 1/2 past 6 P.M. halted & bivoucked for the night at Jacksonville Tenn. 18 miles from Hickman. Orders were sent to Hickman for the 2nd section to follow us. 2nd sec left H. at 1/2 past 9 P.M. & arrived at Jacksonville at sunrise. [the following is crossed out] at 1.30. [end crossed out portion.]

7 The 2nd section arrived at Jacksonville at sunrise. Information was received that there were no rebels within reach so at 1.30 P.M. started for Hickman when [sic] we arrived at dark.

10 Private Hathaway returned from Furlough will [sic?]

12 Post Office re-established at Hickman.

14 Rumors that the enemy are coming to attack us have reached us & we are ordered to be in readiness. have planted the guns guarding the Dresden & Troy roads. The 2nd Ill. Cavalry at sundown have gone out to make a reconnaissance.

15 Cavalry returned at 11 A.M. having discovered no rebels.

16 Wm McDowell returned from furlough.

17 Commissioner took the vote of company upon the adoption of the new constitution. But one vote cast in its favor.

18 Maj. Stolbrand left for Corinth, taking private I.W. Oakley with him as Orderly. Corp. Esbyorn went to Cairo.

19 Recd sabers & belts.

20 Sergt. Webster taken sick with bloody flux.

21 Lieut. Whitney went up to Columbus on businefs for the company.

22 Corp. Esbyorn returned from Cairo. Rumors of rebels concentrating at Trenton Station & preparing to attack the forces here in Hickman. Corp. E. Ferris taken sick with bloody flux.

23 Lieut. Whitney returned from Columbus bringing eight sabres with him. Brought news of a battle at Hickman but we "didn't see it."


24 All quiet yet in camp. Cavalry (Col. Hogg Com'd'g returned from Fort Pillow. Did not make any attack on the place.[)]

25 Detailed 10 men to unload grain from the boat Cairo. No news — All quiet. Johnson Low started for home on sick furlough for 20 days.

26 All quiet in camp — No news.

27 Liut. [sic] Whitney gone out on detached service to Rockford Ill. Sergt. Lees gone home on sick furlough of 20 days from this date.

28 Matters remain in statu [sic] quo. Nothing transpiring. Dealt out summer clothing to company.

29 Today rec'd our flag which we bought in Chicago. Cost $60. At unfolding of flag, speeches were made by Capt. Sparrestrom, Lieut. Lowell, Serts. [sic] Greenwood, Fort & Heath. Boys well pleased with the banner.


Remarks for the Month Ending June 30th, 1862.

1 Cavalry man of the Illinois 2nd shot by the Rebels while hunting horses.

2 One horse died with lung fever.

6 Rec'd orders to be ready to march at a moments warning. Packed up but did not start. Slight earthquake, ground shook for 1/2 minute.

8 Rec'd orders to be ready to march at 6 A.M. on tomorrow.

9 6 o'clock A.M. a horse broke loose from driver & ran away with harness on & could not be recovered. At 7 A.M. Foster's Battln Mo Volunteers, 2nd Reg. Ill. Cav. & Sparrestrom[']s battery started for Union City, where we arrived at 3 P.M. Battery camped north of city. Serg't. Reid left at Hickman In Hospital & Comstock left there in charge of Baggage which teams could not haul. Artificer Hartman went after runaway horse. Private Scutt left at Hickman in hospital.

10 This morning moved camp nearer the infantry. Q.M. Serg't. J. McCollister, Ladd & McQuarie accompanied mule teams to Hickman after remainder of baggage & forage. Afternoon Brig. Genl. Mitchel [sic] arrived with the 7th Kansas Cavalry, 8th Kansas Infantry & a Kansas Battery, 8th Wisconsin Battery & 12th Wisconsin Infantry.

11 Mule teams returned from Hickman. Hartman returned bringing the runaway horse and harness with him.

13 Lieut. Durkee started for Cairo. Privates Broom and Anstiss sent to Guard House for being absent without leave.

14 Privates Croucher & Dorset left camp last evening & have not yet returned at 8 A.M. 12. M. Croucher & Dorset were taken by patrol guard last evening & lodged in Guard House.

15 Lieut. Whitney returned from Detached service. Sergt. Reid joined company from Hickman.

16 Ranson [sic] & Garst with mule teams & escort of Corp. Wilch, private Winter, J. McCollister & Capt. Sparrestrom went to Hickman.

17 Teams and escort returned from Hickman. Comstock & Scutt joined company from hospital at Hickman.

18 Lieut. Durkee ret'd from Cairo. Corp. James went to Columbus.

19 James returned from Columbus. Sergt. Fort went to Hickman. Received orders to march at 5 A.M. tomorrow.


20 Left Union City at 1/2 past 5 A.M. Marched over & through roads almost impassable 8 miles S. E. across a branch over the Abine River. Serg. Fort ret'd from Hickman. J. C. Calhoun left in Hospital at Union City.

21 Marched about 12 miles to Camp Ethridge [sic] in Tenn. & camped at 1/2 past 4 P.M.

22 One horse died from effects of journey. Rec'd orders to march at 4 A.M. tomorrow. Two horses strayed from picket rope.

23 Marched at 6 A.M. Crossed the middle & south branch of the Abine. Bridge burned on the South fork & we were obliged to ferry. Marched about 7 miles from Camp Etheridge & camped. One horse died with the botts & one from effects of journey.

24 Took up the line of march at 6 o'clock A.M. & arrived at Trenton at noon about 12 miles. Very dry, warm and dusty. Some rain in the afternoon camped in a field. Signed the pay rolls. Rec'd orders to march at 7 A.M. Two horses broke from the picket rope during a stampede & were not recovered.

25 Lieut. Lowell & private Hemingway started for Columbus with pay rolls to draw our pay. Marched to Hamboldt [sic] a distance of 11 miles where we arrived at 8 P.M. & pitched tents. One horse died from effects of heat.

26 J. C. Calhoun arrived from Hospital at Union City.

27 Capt. Sparrestrom, Corp. Curtis & Padget rec'd permission to go to Jackson. Capt. did not go. Lieut. Lowell & Hemingway retd from Columbus but bro't [sic] not money. General Inspector inspected the horses & condemned 20.

29 Garst & mule team went to Union City pr Order from Head Qrs.

30 Mustered for pay by Capt. F. Sparrestrom. Rec'd orders to march at 7 A.M. tomorrow. Turned 17 condemned horses over to Post Qr. Master.


Remarks for the Month Ending July 31st, 1862.

1 Rec'd pay for two months ending Apr 30th 1862. from Maj. Hay Paymaster. Sent Muster Roll to Adjt. Gen, Washington & Muster Rolls to Paymaster Gen at Louisville K.y. [sic] Marched to Trenton Tenn.

2 Lieut. Lowell started for Cairo. J. C. Westgate went with him. N. R. Hathaway left camp without permission & has not returned. Chas. Slate started for home on sick furlough for 20 days.

3 Hathaway retd to camp. Has been in Guard House, private Dennis Scott sent to Provost Marshall's Office & confined for disobeying orders & insulting an officer. Private Jared McCollister rec'd sick furlough for 20 days to expire July 24th Started for home at noon.

4 Fired the national salute of 34 guns at sunrise & sundown. Wis. 7th Battery fired the salute at noon, furnished them 34 blank cartridges for that purpose. Private Ransom rec'd sick furlough for 20 days to expire July 24th started on noon trains. Forwarded the papers for Jared McCollister, [the following is crossed out] Charles Slate & [end crossed out portion] A. C. Ranson's [sic] Discharges to Head Qrs Department Miss., St. Louis.

5 Emory & Chas. Wilkie returned from Humboldt. Scott had his trial by court-martial. Sent 12 cartridges to Wis. 7st [sic] Battery. Rec'd 16 Horses.

7 Lieut. Lowell & J. C. Westgate returned from Cairo. Q. M. Sergt. Ingalls & Corp. James started for Hickman & Columbus. Sergt. Greenwood & private Minnis rec'd furlough for 20 days to expire July 28th.

8 Serg. Greenwood & Minnis left for home at 12 M.

10 Private Hyslop discharged June 28th 1862 but we were not notified till July 7th Lieut. Lowell, Corp. Crocker & private A. Calhoun started for St. Louis.

11 Sergt. Ingalls returned from Hickman. Corp. James did not come with him. Johnson Low ret'd from furlough. Levied the labor of 2 slaves "Dick" & "Andrew" from J. D. McDowell pr order Gen. Dodge (blacksmith).


13 Rec'd the sentence of the Court Martial in the case of Dennis Scott. That he "be tied to the picket rope of his battery with both hands tied behind him for the space of 48 hours. be put on 1/2 rations for that time and at the expiration of that time he be continued tied in such manner on half rations until he shall ask the pardon of his officers in the presence of his company."

14 Dennis Scott brought from guard house & tied to picket rope at 10 A.M. Jared McCollister received his discharge dated July 14th 1862. Capt. Sparrestrom started for Jackson. [the following is crossed out] 16 horses condemned and turned over to Quarter Master of post. [end crossed out portion.]

15 Capt. Sparrestrom returned from Jackson. I. W. Oakley returned from detached service. Sixteen horses turned over to Post Q.M. Six unserviceable & ten condemned.

16 Capt. Sparrestrom went to Columbus pr Order from Hd. Qrs. at Columbus. Sergt. Heath went to Jackson on business for the company to return tomorrow. Scott complied with the requirements of sentence & was released from further punishment.

17 Sergt. Heath retd from Jackson.

18 Capt. Sparrestrom returned from Columbus bringing intelligence that Corp. James is sick in Hospital at Columbus. Corp. Crocker returned from St. Louis.

19 Corporal James returned from Columbus. Sergt. Lees retd from furlough.

20 A. Calhoun returned from St. Louis in charge of 24 Horses for the use of the Battery. Lieut. Whittemore & 12 men came from Columbus with him. One of the horses died on the road yesterday from the effects of the journey.

21 Corp. James reduced to the ranks for being absent without leave

23 Q.M. Sergt. Ingalls started for Columbus. A. DeLong started for Chicago on sick furlough to expire Aug. 13th 1862.

25 Sergt. Reid went to Columbus to hospital. Sergt. Ingalls retd from Cairo.

27 Employed three negroes to drive mule teams.

29 Wm. Kingsbury rec'd his discharge dated July 29th.


Remarks for the Month Ending August 31, 1862.

2 Lieut. Lowell returned to camp.

3 Boots (12 pair) and 50 pairs shoes received from St. Louis.

5 Lieut. Lowell went to Jackson. Mule teams went to Dresden.

6 Lieut. Lowell returned from Jackson. One horse died.

7 Lieut. Whitney ordered to Columbus Ky. Went at noon.

8 Signed pay-rolls.

9 Received pay for May & June of Maj. N. [G.?] Wilcox. Lieut. Whitney ret'd from Columbus.

13 Wm Reed went to Humboldt. Employed a contraband as cook named [sic].

14 Moved camp to north side of town near R.R. Reed returned from Humboldt. Sergt. Reid, Corp. Disbrow & Private Ransom[']s Discharges arrived.

15 Anton Delong returned from furlough. Corps. Wilch & Harmon promoted to sergeants. Privates Darland, Cyrus M. Cummings & A. Delong promoted to Corporals & S. J. James restored to rank of Corporal. Private Walker arrested by provost marshal & put in guard house.

16 Private Slate returned from furlough.

18 Company mustered.

19 Corp. Sherburn went to Boliver [sic] in charge of 2 deserters pr Order.

20 Corp. Williams went to Jackson pr order. Sergt. Lees & Private Clothier taken to the hospital. Corp. Sherburn returned from Bolivar.

21 Sergt. Harmon & private McQuarie went to hospital sick. Lieut. Whitney went to Chicago Ill. on leave of absence, to procure medical advice for his eyes. Corp. Williams Ret'd from Jackson.

22 Sergt. Heath & private A. Calhoun started for Cairo pr Order.

23 Charles Stale [sic] taken to hospital.

24 Anstis taken to hospital. Kellogg, Hemingway & Sylfus returned to camp from hospital.

25 Fisher returned from Hospital. King went to Hospital. Private Elvin McCollister sent to guard house for refusing to obey Orders. Walker released from guard house & reprimanded before company pr sentence.


27 Private McCollister Court Martialed. Hospital removed to College buildings. All returned to camp except Lees, McQuarie and McKarrell. Lt. Durkee went to Cairo. Corp. Curtis went to Corinth.

29 One horse died with disease. Lt. Durkee returned from Cairo.

30 Rec'd 100 pair of boots, 100 blouses, 100 shirts, & 25 pr drawers.

31 Mustered for pay.


Remarks for the Month Ending September 30th, 1862.

1 Corp. Sherburn returned from Jackson. Westgate taken to Hospital.

3 Moved camp to the knoll north of Depot.

4 Q.M. Sergt. Ingalls went to Columbus.

5 Private Minnis returned to camp.

6 Sergt. Ingalls returned from Columbus.

18 Private Carlson taken to hospital. Bradt & G. T. Gould returned from Hospital.

21 Lieut. Durkee taken sick. Lees returned from hospital, not able for duty.

22 Sergt. Ingalls went to Jackson.

23 Sergt. Ingalls returned from Jackson. Private Minnis rec'd sentence of Court-Martial upon being absent at Muster Aug. 18th 1862. Sentence — Not Guilty. Restored to duty & pay — Order 51.

25 Lieut. Whitney & Corp. Rice returned to camp from Chicago. Fired salute of 21 guns pr Order 133. to the President in honor of his Emancipation proclamation.

27 Private William G. McKarrell died at daylight in hospital & was buried at 4 P.M. Sergt. Ingalls went to Jackson.

28 [the following is crossed out] Sergt. Ingalls want to Jackson. [end crossed out portion.] Elvin McCollister rec'd sentence of court Martial viz: that he forfeit three months pay & allowances & ask pardon of his officers in presence of his company. [sic] He asked pardon & is restored to duty.

29 10 condemned horses turned over to Post Q.M. Mills.

30 Corp. Whitmore, private El. McCollister & Chidister went to Columbus with prisoners pr order. Lieut. Whitney & private Pruyn went to Jackson Tenn.


Remarks for the Month Ending October 31st, 1862.

1 Lieut. Whitney & private Pruyn returned from Jackson. Corp. Whitmore privates McCollister & Chidister returned from Columbus.

2 Lieut. Whitney apointed [sic] Provost Marshall. All the troops in camp reviewed by General Ord. Fired salute of 13 guns.

5 Lieut. Whitney & Corp. Crocker started for Ill. under orders to recruit Sergt. Lees went to Columbus.

14 Sergt. Lees & Corp. Rice received their discharges.

15 Corp. Rice started for home.

17 Private Johnson gone to Corinth.

20 Fired a salute [the following is crossed out] for [end crossed out portion] in honor of Brig. Gen. Deitzler 11 guns. Received 11 horses.

21 Rec'd 4 horses. One mule broke through a bridge and broke its leg. Shot him.

25 Lt. Lowell and private S. Davis went to Cairo.

29 Lt. Lowell & private Davis returned from Cairo, brought blankets, stores, &c.

31 Mustered for pay by Capt. Sparrestrom in the absence of any field officer.


Remarks for the Month Ending November 30th, 1862.

11 Jonathan C. Westgate & Charles Slate received their discharges. Final statements given.

16 Two horses escaped from picket rope during the night & can not be found.

18 Received Marching Orders for Lagrange Tenn.

20 Struck tents at 8 Oclock A.M. Loaded pieces & baggage on cars. At 1 P.M. started for Lagrange Tenn. Arrived there at 1/2 past 7 P.M. Camped on hill near College. Left Sergt. Heath sick with fever at Trenton & private Gore to take care of him.

24 Reviewed by Gens. Grant, Logan, McPherson & Col. Duff.

25 Rec'd Order from Gen. Grant releasing Lt. Whitney from Recruiting service and returning him to duty with the battery.

28 Marched from Lagrange towards Holly Springs & camped about 8 miles from Lagrange. Left Samuel Davis sick in hospital.

29 Started from camp at sunrise. Marched about 9 miles to Cold Water & camped.

30 Struck tents at 6 A.M. Reached Holly Springs at 2 P.M. & camped south east of town, distance about 6 miles.


Remarks for the Month Ending December 31st, 1862.

1 Marched southward from Holly Springs to Waterford, about miles. [sic]

2 Marched southward from Waterford to the Tallahatchie River. about miles, [sic] found the bridge destroyed & went into camp. Sent Johnson to Lagrange, after Horses pr Order Maj. Stolbrand.

3 Marched southward from Tallahatchie at 2 P.M. Arrived at Oxford at 7 P.M. A distance of 16 miles. The right section of battery camped south of town & the left section at the west side.

4 The left section with 14 horses & 24 men under charge Lt. Durkee started at 6 A.M. with the cavalry after the retreating rebels.

8 Lt. Durkee & section returned. all "safe and sound." & report that the morning of the 5th they came upon a rebel force of 12000 at Coffeville [sic] Mifs. after an engagement of 1/2 hour our forces were obliged to fall back to Watervalley. Our forces numbered 2500.

9 Lt. Lowell, Sgts. Fort & Wilch, & 20 privates left camp at 1 P.M. in search of horses pr Order Genl. Grant.

10 Rec'd Orders to March at 7 1 /2 A.M. tomorrow. Rec'd 17 Horses from Q.M. Turned over 3 condemned horses to Q.M.

11 Struck tents at sunrise & started southward towards Watervalley. Marched about 15 miles & camped near the Yoenapataffa [sic] river.

12 Lt. Lowell & squad returned all safe. bringing Horses and Mules.

18 Were Inspected in Quarters by Gen. McPhersons [sic] Chief of Arty & Inspector Genl.

20 One horse died with scours.

21 Turned over 13 captured mules to Q.M. Williams & 17 serviceable horses to Chief of Arty. Rt. Wing A. C. & 10 horses to 5th Ohio Battery & took Rec'pt for some from Chief of Arty Right Wing A.C. Rec'd marching orders. Reported that the Rebels have possession of Holly Springs.

22 Marched to Oxford Mifs. Arrived there at sundown.

23 Rec'd Marching Orders.


24 Marched across the Tallahatchie River, & camped north of rebel breastworks, distant about 16 miles from Oxford. Broke pole out of one gun carriage limber.

25 Moved camp about one mile north to edge of timber. Put on 3/4 rations.

28 Put on 1/2 rations.


Remarks for the Month Ending January 31st, 1863.

4 Moved camp into the timber. Rec'd Marching Orders.

5 Marched from Tallahatchie River to Holly Springs about 15 miles.

6 Marched from Holly Springs to Cold Water, about 16 miles. Corporal Crocker returned from recruiting service, bringing three recruits named: [sic] Lieut. Whitney arrived from Recruiting service at 11 P.M. Left private Childs in Hospital.

7 Marched from Cold Water to Lagrange Tenn.

8 Samuel Davis who was left in hospital at this place Nov. 28st [sic] died Dec. 16th.

10 Marched with 1st Brigade, 3rd Div towards Memphis 16 miles.

11 Marched to Colliersville Tenn. 11 miles.

14 Privates Broom and Flemming arrested by Provost Guard & taken to Guard House. Flemming released from guard house.

15 Snowing. Snow 10 inches deep and freezing. Broom sentenced to forfeit one months pay & allowances for unauthorized foraging.

17 Johnson Low, Martin O'Connell & Oscar S. Ekvall & Lorenzo Pruyn sent Hospital at Memphis.

20 Marched toward Memphis pr Order Col. C. Marsh, comd'g Brigade. Camped for the night 13 miles from Colliersville, Corp. Ferris left in charge of Ferris & Fisher who are sick.

21 Marched to near Memphis about 10 miles.

24 Sergt. Heath & Private Gore who were left in hospital at Trenton Tenn. were taken prisoners by Forest's [sic] Cavalry & paroled Dec. 31st 1862.

25 Received pay for July & August from Maj. Pope. Pruyn, O'Connel & Low returned from the Hospital.

28 Corp. Ferris & Private Fisher returned from Colliersville. Ferris died at Colliersville Jan. 26th.

30 Rec'd 8 mules from Q.M.

31 Mahony & Anstis left camp yesterday & have not returned.


Remarks for the Month of February, 1863.

2 Four horses turned over to Q.M.

6 Five mules were stolen from camp. Sven A. Videll for remaining in the city for a number of days [hours?] without permission was placed on guard twelve hours.

Morning Report for the Month of February, 1863.

[Other notes: avg. at start of month 30 mules; most of month 25; end of month 20 mules. 14 negros employed, 12, 10, 5. Rounds of ammunition 664. Number of recruits required 57-60. Avg. 64 -/+ present for duty. Total present/absent about 100. 76-80 horses.]

2 Four horses turned over to Q.M. Williams.

4 Frank D. Anstis and Florence Mahoney, privates heretofore reported absent without leave, are believed to have deserted.

6 Five mules stolen.

11 Private John Weir put on extra duty 48 hours, 2 hours off & 2 hours on guard, for remaining out of camp overnight without permission.

13 Private Low taken to hospital sick.

14 Private Ekvall ret'd from hospital.

20 Lieut. Durkee's resignation accepted. Went on board transport Continental.

21 Five mules & 4 horses turned over to Q.M. Corpl. Sherburne & private Oakly left in Hospital.

22 Lieut. Whitney mustered out of service. Private Donoghue ret'd from detention service. Recd Notification of Death of Private Childs who died at Lagrange hospital Jan. 24th.


Morning Report for the Month of March, 1863.

3 Error in report Jan. 21. 4 horses were not turned to Q.M. two horses were stolen.

4 Private Chidester & Pruyn taken to Hospital.

5 Capt. Sparrestrom started for Chicago on sick leave of absence pr Order 33, Gen. McPherson. Corp. Esbyorn detailed to attended him to Chicago.

10 Chas. F.[?] Greenwood, heretofore reported as absent without leave since Aug. 18th 62 pr Genl.[?] Artlly Order No. 3. Mar. 9th [7th?] 63. considered a deserter. George Wardhaugh joined the company as a recruit from Depot Springfield Ill.

14 Chidister returned from hospital

15 Cummings & Ladd taken to Hospital. Two horses turned loose which were unable to travel, a board of survey had been petitioned for, but rec'd marching orders & were obliged to go. Went on board transport "Platte Valley."

17 Moved up the river 5 miles & camped on the Louisiana shore Berry's Landing.

19 Private Dorsett taken to Hospital.

20 Dorsett & Cummings ret'd from Hospital.

21 Pruyn ret'd from hospital.

26 Corp. Esbyorn retd from detached service.


Morning Report for the Month of April, 1863.

3 Capt. Sparrestrom retd to command.

6 Private Ladd returned from Hospital.

10 Sergt. Heath returned from parol. [sic] Greenwood reported as deserted in March returned to camp. Serg't. Fort detached to take charge of hospital of 3d Div.

17 Embarked on board "Sioux City" at dark.

18 Landed at Milikens Bend La. about 60 miles from Lake Providence.

20 Sergt. Fort returned duty from detached service.

25 Left Millikens Bend & marched to Richmond La. 12 miles, pr Order Gen. Logan

26 Marched toward Carthage about 8 miles.

29 Received 14 Horses from Capt. Williams, 3rd Ohio Battery.

30 Arrived at the landing 3 miles below Grand Gulf La.


Remarks for the Month of May, 1863.

1 Embarked on transport Horizon at 2 A.M. While crossing the river to Miss shore were run into by steamer Moderator & sunk. Privates Linderbeck & Carlson were drowned. Everything belonging to Battery was lost except 13 Horses 6 mules 18 wedge tents 1 wall Tents [sic], part of Co records & papers, [rear?] one casson [sic], & forge wagon, Battery Wagon, 48 Knapsacks 25 Ponchos Fragments of arty Harness.

3 Left camp at wrecked boat & went to landing 2 miles above. on Forest Queen.

4 Went to "Grand Gulf"

5 Lt. Lowell went to Gen. Grants Head Qrs. procured an Order for battery to proceed to Memphis, & himself to go to St. Louis & get a new outfit [sic?]

6 Went from Grand Gulf to "Hard Times", [sic] Turned over 13 Horses, 6 Mules, 1 Battery Wagon, rear part of Forge, rear part of one casson [sic] & fragments of arty Harnesses.

7 Engaged a wagon Train to carry us through to Millikens Bend. Marched 25 miles.

8 Marched through Richmond about 25 miles.

9 Arrived at Milliken's Bend.

13 Embarked on board transport Luminary for Memphis Tenn.

15 Arrived at Memphis Tenn at 11 P.M.

16 Went into camp at Fort Pickering.

19 Lt. Lowell started for St. Louis, pr Order Gen. Grant, to procure Battery & equipments.

23 Private Johnson Low discharged from Adam's Block Hospital Memphis, Apr 3rd Notification first receive[d]

27 Private Fogle promoted to Farrier.

28 Private Burns taken to guard House for drunkenness. preferred charges against him


Remarks for the Month of June, 1863.

2 Burns released from guard house.

7 Bradt taken to Guard House.

8 Brodt released from Guard House & Burns taken back there pr Order Maj. Eddie, he not having been legally released.

9 Burns taken before court martial.

10 Burns had trial. Capt. Sparrestrom sick.

11 Rec'd from Q.M. 6 mules wagon & Harnesses

12 Lt. Lowell Retd from St. Louis bringing new battery, 112 Horses, 12 mules, 2 wagons & 1 ambulance.

14 Lt. Lowell placed under arrest by order Maj. Eddie.

15 Turned over 26 horses, 6 mules 1 wagon & 6 single setts [sic] mule harness. Lt. Lowell released from arrest.

16 Capt. Sparrestrom detached per order Gen. Grant to command Battery D, 1nd [sic] Ill. Arty Near Vicksburg.

17 Private William [Brown? Broom?] taken to Hospital Memphis. Moved camp from Fort Bicken [?] 2 miles south of the city.

18 Farrier Fogal on detached service in 2nd Division, 17 A. C.

19 Battery left camp in company with 21st Mo, 34th Wis. & [sic] Ind. Regts. pr Order Col. Moore & marched southward about 15 miles. Private Burns [illegible crossed out] leg [the following is crossed out] & [end crossed out portion] badly bruised [illegible crossed out] by reason of running against a stump with gun carriage on which he was riding.

20 Found no secesh & at 6 A.M. started for Memphis arrived at camp at 12 M.

21 Lt. Nott Smith, heretofore reported as on Detached service at Camp Butler Ill. was ordered by War Department to report for duty to battery on or about Feb 1st 1863. Arrived at Memphis May 21st, where he now remains under Medical treatment but has not reported to Battery.

23 One horse died from rupture of blood vessel caused from hard drawing on the late march.

26 Drew 20 common tents.

27 Fogle returned from Gen. Grants Head Qrs. bringing orders for battery to join 3rd Div. 17th A.C.

28 Turned over 4 mules & one horse to Q.M. Recd four mules from Capt. Walker Q.M. Embarked on transport Imperial. Left Privates Gore, Pruyn & Padgett in Hospital.


29 Passed Lake Providence. Rebels were making an attack when we arrived but soon fell back. 8 miles below saw a co of Rebel cavalry. threw a few shell [sic] among them with good effect.

30 Arrived at landing about 8 miles up the Yazoo river. Disembarked & marched 8 miles to 3rd Div. where we arrived about 4 P.M. Mustered for pay by Lt. Lowell Comd'g Battery. One horse died.


Remarks for the Month of July, 1863.

5 Robert M. Padgett returned from Memphis Hospital

7 Lieut. Nott Smith on leave of absence for 20 days from July 7th 1863 pr Special order No. 153 [158?] Head Quarters 16th A.C. date July 7th 1863

9 One Horse died from effects of Heat

10 One Horse died from effects of Heat

13 Turned over to Q.M. 1 ambulance, 2 [single?] setts [sic] harness, and 2 Horses.

14 [the following is crossed out] Corpl. Joseph Esbryan [sic?] on detached service at government printing office Vicksburg Miss Per Order Genl Logan. [end crossed out portion.] Corpl. Esboyn [sic?] detailed at Div. Head Quarters as printer Pr Order Genl. Logan.

15 Sergt. Fort went to Hospital.

18 Capt. F. Sparestrom [sic?] returned from detached service.

19 Private Saloman Clathier [sic?] taken to hospital.

20 Private Russell Bailey taken to Hospital. Private Geo. Ladd went home on sick furlough of 30 days to Rockford Winnebago Co. Ills.

21 Private William Brown [Broom?] died in hospital at Memphis, Tenn, June 28th. Private Lorenzo Pryan [sic?] died in hospital, Memphis, Tenn, July 5th. Notification received July 21st.

22 Corp. Sherburn & Privates Winter, Walker & Evendorff went to Hospital.

23 Private Robert M. Padget taken to hospital. Private Henry Fisher taken to hospital.

24 Private Dusenbury, Forbes, & Comstock went home to Ill. on furlough of 30 days, furlough dated 24th July 1863.

25 Private R. M. Padgett returned from Hospital but still unfit for duty.

26 Private Henry Fisher returned from Hospital but still unfit for duty.

27 Privates [illegible] McColister taken to Hospital. Lieut. Nott Smith has leave of absence for twenty days.

31 [the following is crossed out] Corpl. Edward H. Ferris died with Dysentery. [end crossed out portion.]


Morning Reports for the Month of August, 1862. [sic 1863]

12 John Chidister went to hospital.

13 Sergt. Fort discharged by surgeon's certificate of disability final statement given. John Walker returned from hospital.

21 Corpl. James Sherburne, Sylfus, Winter, Chidister, Bailey, Fleming, Churchill, A. Calhoun on furloughs to expire September 18


Remarks for the Month of August, 1863.

3 Lieut. Nott Smith ordered to be reported absent without leave by order of C. J. Stolbrand Maj. & Chf Arty, 3rd Div. 17th A. C.

5 Private Chester Gore died at Adams Block Hospital Memphis Tenn. 25th July 1863. Notification received 5th August 1863.

10 Russell Bailey returned from Hospital.

12 John Chidister went to Hospital. Sergt. Fort discharged from Hospital at Vicksburg by Surgeons Certificate of Disability. Final statements given.

14 Abraham Fogle returned from detached duty at head Quarter 3rd Div. 17th A. C.

15 Corpl. Esbyoran Special duty in Goverment printing office by Special Order no. 120 [126? 12?] Aug. 16th 1862 [sic] by order Brig. Genl. Stephenson to take effect from 16th July 1863.

16 Private James P. Minis went to [the following is crossed out] Hop [end crossed out portion] Hospital.

17 Joseph T. Williams went to Hospital.

18 Charles Evendoff went to Hospital.

21 Left camp on Chicasaw Bayou at 8 A.M. Embarked on Transport John Warner.

22 Landed at Goodriches Landing 60 miles up River. Capt. Sparrestrom taken sick & returned to Vicksburg.

23 30 men for duty, 10 sick. Marched about 10 miles to Boyou [sic] Tensas.

[most of the following entries for the month are denoted only by numerals, locations and ditto marks]

24 27 men for duty, 15 sick. Marched about 8 miles to Bayou Mason [sic]

25 22 men for duty, 18 sick. Marched about 9 miles.

26 20 men for duty, 18 sick. Marched about 10 miles to Oak Ridge.

27 20 men for duty, 20 men sick. Marched about 18 miles.

28 20 men for duty, 20 men sick. Marched about 8 miles to Monroe.

29 20 men for duty, 20 men sick. Marched about 25 miles to Oak Ridge.


30 19 men for duty, 21 sick. Marched about 10 miles to Boef River.

31 Corp. Edward H. Ferris Died in hospital with dysentery. Marched to Bayou Mason about 18 miles.


Remarks for the Month of September, 1863.

2 Corp. Curtis died from disease. Left Bayou Macon & marched to Goodriches landing. 15 men for duty, 25 sick.

3 Embarked on "John Graesbeck" and arrived at Vicksburg at sundown.

5 Jefferson Loveridge on furlough to Kendallville Ind. for 30 days from date ending October 5th

6 3 Horses died from effects of hard work on the late Expedition.

12 Forbes returned from furlough.

16 Sergt. Harmon, privates Chidister, Darland, Steele, Delang, Ekvall, Hemmingway, Ireland & Minnis on furlough till Oct 15th.

17 Geo. Ladd reported absent with leave, now sick near Rockford Ill. I. W. Oakley taken to Hospital.

19 Oakley retd to camp, & Barry taken to Hospital.

20 Lt. Smith arrived in Battery last evening, placed under arrest, by order Chief of Arty.

21 Private Olmstead & King taken to Hospital.

22 Private Olmstead died at Arty Hospital. Corp. James & A. Calhoon retd from furlough. Private William Winter died at Cortland Illinois, September 16th [18th? 10th?]

[Large ink spill obscures portions of the following two entries.]

24 Private [illegible] Dennis Scott taken to City Hospital.

26 Artificer [illegible] taken to hospital. Lieut. Lowell retd from leave of absence.

Remarks for the Month of October, 1863.

[This page has heading as above, but is otherwise blank.]


Remarks for the Month of November, 1863.

2 Private Richards taken to hospital Nov. 1st

5 Private Ezra McCollister sent to Guard House & charges preferred against him for leaving his post on guard, for disobedience of Orders, & insulting his superior Officer.

6 Private John W. Hager returned from St. Louis hospital.

7 Sergt. Webster, Privates Hemingway, & Ekvall returned from furlough yesterday.

8 Privates Golden & King returned from Hospital.

12 Privates Barry & Bailey retd from Leave of absence. Private Richards returned from hospital No.

14 Private Mathiason retd from absent sick. Private Padgett detailed on recruiting service in Illinois pr Order Gen. McPherson No. 259, Nov. 15

17 Private George Ladd died in Town of Scott Ogle Co. Ill. Oct. 26th 1863. Ezra McCollister released from Guard house. Corp. Esbyorn returned to duty in Battery pr Order (Special) No. 3 Hd Qrs 3rd Div. 17th A. C. Nov. 16th, 1863.

18 Privates Minnis & Steele returned from furlough.

22 Capt. F. Sparrestrom & private Chas. Evendorff returned to duty from absent sick.

23 Lieut. John Lowell detailed on recruiting service per S.O. No. 268, November 21, 1863, headquarters 17th A. C.

25 Private S. Clothier returned to duty from absent sick.

28 Corp. H. Whitmore, privates Donoghue & Burns returned from absent sick.

29 Private Lutz returned from absent sick.

30 Recd 25 [23?] Arty Horses from Capt. Conklin QM 17th A. C.


Remarks for the Month of December, 1863.

3 Corp. Shippy, Privates Garst, Gould, G. T. Gould and Melburg retd from absent sick.

4 Lt. Smith detailed as recruiting Officer for this Battery.

5 Turned over 20 horses to C. C. Williams A.A.Q.M. 3rd Div. 17th A.C.

10 One horse died.

12 Two horses broke away from Picket Rope & strayed. Privates McQuarie & Scutt retd from Absent Sick.

13 1st Sergt. Webster, Sergt. Wilch, privates Loveridge, E. Wilkie, C. Wilkie, El. McCollister, Clothier, Richards, O'Connel, A. Calhoon, J. C. Calhoon, Bradt, Golden, G. T. Gould, Fisher & Sylfus, mustered in to service as veterans by Capt. Ide. They reenlisted December 4th '63.

14 Lieut. Nott Smith dismissed from service pr spec. Order No. 456 War Dept. Oct. 12th '63 for Absence without leave & disobedience to Orders.

15 One horse died. First Sergt. E. Webster promoted to 2nd Lieut. vice [sic] Smith dismissed. Mustered as an officer by Lt. Knox 17th A. C.

17 Recd Orders to proceed to Columbus Ky. Hd Qrs 17th A. C. Embarked on board steamer Metropolitan.

18 Private Scutt detailed pr Spec. Order No. [sic] Hd Qrs 17th A. C. to remain in Ordnance Dept 17th A. C. Left Vicksburg at 10 A.M. Recd information that Serg't. C. Heath was taken prisoner by the Rebels at Milliken's Bend, La. June 6th Was murdered by Rebels about July 1st '63.

22 Arrived at Memphis Tenn. 2 A.M. Private Oakley retd from absent sick. Left Memphis at sunset.

24 Arrived at Columbus Ky at 9 P.M. Private King taken to Hospital. Left pr R.R. for Union City. Turned over 3 mules to Lt. Currie A.A.Q.M. & drew 4 mules from the same.

25 Arrived in Union City at 2 A.M.

27 Lt. Webster, Corp. Dusenbury & El. McCollester went to Columbus.

28 Corp. Dusenbury retd from Columbus.

29 Lt. Webster & Pri. McCollister retd from Columbus.


30 Sergt. Perry Wilch Promoted to 1st Sergt. vice Webster to date from Dec. 15th Corp. Shippy promoted to Sergt. vice Heath, deceased, to date from Nov 12. Private S. Clothier promoted to Serg't. vice Wilch to date from Dec. 15th '63 & Private Fisher promoted to Corp. vice Shippy, to date from Nov 1st '63 — Ezra McCollister taken to Hospital.

31 Q.M. Sergt. Darland & private Croucher ret'd from absent sick —


Remarks for the Month of January, 1864.

11 2d Lieut. Edward Webster, returned from Cairo Ill.

12 Privates Evendorff, Golden and Steele returned to duty from Hospital at Union City

13 Privates Gavin T. Gould and Ezra McCollister returned to duty from Hospital at Union City.

16 2d Lieut. Edward Webster proceeded pr Special Orders from Post Hd Qrs at Union City Tenn., to Columbus Ky to draw Quarermaster [sic] stores for the Batty.

18 2d Lieut. Edward Webster returned from Columbus Ky.

19 Received orders to proceed to Columbus Ky. by rail. In the afternoon received orders to postpone embarking on the Cars.

20 Corpl. Joseph T. Williams returned to duty from Hospital at Chicago Ill. Received orders to immediately proceed to Columbus Ky. pr rail. Left Union City 4 o'clock P.M. and arrived at Columbus Ky. at 6 P.M.

21 Moved the Battery up on to the Bluffs and occupied Barracks.

22 Private Samuel Ireland returned to duty from sick leave.

24 Private H. W. Hemingway gone to the Hospital N° 1 at Columbus Ky.

25 A mistake in the report of Horses has been made. 2 horses strayed from camp at Union City Tenn. on the 19th of January which have not been recovered and one died on Jan. 23.


Remarks for the Month of February, 1864.

2 Four Under cooks of A.D. Enlisted March 4th '63, were heretofore reported as Negroes employed.

3 Private W. F. Kellogg returned to duty from Hospital at St. Louis Mo. One recruit arrived. Edmund T. Atkinson.

4 Twelve Mules drawn from ____ [sic] A.Q.M. at Columbus Ky.

5 One horse broke loose and strayed from camp, not recovered. Private Frank Sterner returned from a furlough North.

6 Sergt. R. G. Harmon returned from a Furlough North.

7 [the following is crossed out] Second Lieut. Edward Webster went to Cairo Ill. [end crossed out portion.]

12 Second Lieut. Edward Webster went to Cairo Ill. on Business for the Batty. Private Hezikiah Comstock gone to Hospital at Columbus Ky.

13 Lt. Edward Webster returned from Cairo Ill.

14 Second Lieut. Edward Webster, Sergt. George M. Shippy and Privates Corydon McDowell, and Wells J. Stephens proceeded to Springfield Ill. in accordance with Special Order No. 28, Hd Qrs. 16th A. C.

16 Privates Elvin McCollister and William H. Bradt proceeded to Rockford Illinois on 30 days vet. vol. Furlough.

18 Private Frank Sterner gone to Hospital N° 1 at Columbus Ky.

19 Private Nathan Calhoon returned from a sick Furlough North.

20 E. P. Hedenskog joined company as reenlisted vet. vol. Mathew Miller joined company as a recruit.

26 Corpl. Henry Fisher and Private Andrew Calhoon proceed [sic] North on 30 days vet. vol. Furlough.

29 Private George Wardhaugh, deserted. Heretofore, since Feb. 16th reported as absent without leave.


Remarks for the Month of March, 1864.

2 One Gun with 15 men and 13 Horses commanded by Sergt. Rollin G. Harmon Proceeded to Hickman Ky. Pr S.O. from Post Hd. Qrs. Private Frank Sterner returned from Hospital at Columbus.

7 Sergt. R. G. Harmon returned from Hickman Ky. sick.

8 Sergt. Solmon Clothier ordered to Hickman Ky. to command one detachment of the Batty stationed[?] there alias Harmon relieved from sickness.

11 Private John Barry gone to Hickman Ky., with leave.

12 John Berry returned from Hickman Ky. Lieut. Ed. Webster, Sergt. George M. Shippy, Privates C. K. McDowell & Wells J. Stephens, returned to company with 50 recruits from Rendezvous Springfield Ill.

14 Sergt. Perry Wilch & Privates J. C. Calhoon, Golden, Loveridge, Richards & C. Wilkie, left. Batty. on 30 days Vet. Vol. Furlough North.

17 Sergt. George M. Shippy Brought to Hospital N° 1 at Columbus Ky. 1st Lieut. John W. Lowell returned to battery from recruiting service North.

18 Private Hiram J. Scutt returned to company from Ord. Office of 17th A.C.

19 Private Davenport, a recruit joined company.

20 Eight Recruits joined company from Depot Springfield Ill.

23 Ignatius Maurer returned to Company from sick Furlough North.

24 The Batty. marched pr. R.R. to Moscow. Ky., and returned during the Afternoon. Sergt. Solmon Clothier returned from Hickman Ky. with his Detachment.

25 Private Wm H. Bradt returned from a vet. vol. Furlough North.

27 Last night the left Section was ordered out to guard the flat south of the town.

30 The Left Section returned from the flat. Private Thorp, a recruit, joined company.

31 [blank]

Amount of ammunition expended by the Detachment stationed in Hickman Ky. from March 2d to March 24th 1864. Blank cartridges 20. Canister 1.


Remarks for the Month of April, 1864.

1 Corp. H. Fisher returned from a vet. vol. Furlough North. Private Landers sent to Hospital.

2 Private John Barry sent to Hospital.

4 Private Milbern returned to Company from Hospital.

9 Privates Videll and Schafer sent to Hospital. Private Scott released from the Guard House. Gained one recruit. A. L. Durkee in Hospital No 3 at Vicksburg Miss.

30 Private James M. Flemming transfered to Veteran Reserve Corps By order of the Secretary of War.


Remarks for the Month of May, 1864.

1 Prv. G. R. Griswold — went to Cincinnati — under orders to appear before examining boards for Col'd Troops.

2 One horse died of diseas [sic]

5 Lt. Lowell comd'g Battery — with 60 men — four guns — without Caissons — started on an expidition — composed

6 of 52 Ind. Inf. 10 [Min.?] Inf. 21 Mis. Inf. and Company of Home guards (mounted) — all under command

7 of Col. Moore of 21 Mis.

8 Prv. G. R. Griswold returned to Co. from Cincinnati.

9 Lt. Lowell and Battery returned from Expedition — nothing of note happening on the march.

18 Lt. Edward Webster returned from leave of absence pr Sp. Ord. 104 Ext. 16 A.C. Memphis Tenn Apr. 28, 1864.

19 Private Charles D. Wilkie returned from sick furlough

20 Lt. E. Webster — went to Memphis — pr. sp. or. 104 Ext. 16 A.C. 38 Veterans returned from furlough.

21 James Eldridge — reported for duty from Hospital at Chicago. Sgts. Wilch & Harmon mustered as Lts. to date from Mch [?]

23 Private Alonzo Webster sent to Hospital at Mound City. Descriptive Roll forwarded.

25 Received notification of the discharge of Corporal Benjamin F. Sherburne on the 21st

26 1st Lieut. Edward Webster returned from Memphis.

27 1st Lt. Edward Webster mustered as 1st Lieut, to date from March 15th

30 Private John Barry returned to company from Hospital

31 Private George Arend released from guard house


Remarks for the Month of June, 1864.

2 Three recruits joined company from Camp Butler Ills.

4 One Horse killed on account of leg being broken.

8 Private William Lewis sent to Hospital No 1 Columbus Ky.

9 Private Shafer returned to company from Hospital — Private Videll released from Guard House.

10 Private George Young sent to Hospital

11 Ten condemed [sic] Horses turned over to Post Quartermaster Columbus Ky.

13 [the following is crosed out] Ten condemed Horses turned over to Post Quartermaster [end crossed out]

14 Privates William Lewis & George M. Young returned to company from Hospital.

15 Private George Crane sent to Hospital. Received notification of the transfer of James M. Flemming to Veteran Reserve Corps Apr. 30th 1864.

16 Private Heinrick Leibeck sent to Hospital

17 Received orders to report to Maj. Gen. C. C. Washburn Memphis Tenn.

18 By error One Horse less than the actual number has been reported. Private Heinrick Leibeck returned to Company from Hospital.

19 Two recruits joined Company from Depot Springfield Ills.

20 [Written on blank for 21 — but line drawn to 20] Left Columbus Ky. and proceeded to Memphis Tenn.

21 [Written on blank for 22 — but line drawn to 21] Arrived at Memphis Tenn and reported to Maj. Gen. A. J. Smith. Received 22 new Horses. Received orders to be assigned to the 3rd Brigade 3rd Division 16th Army Corps.

22 [Written on blank for 23 — but line drawn to 22] One man enlisted in company.

23 [Written on blank for 23, with line drawn dividing this entry from the previous one] Received marching orders and marched to White Station Tenn. — 10 miles.

24 Marched passed [sic] Lafayette distance 24 miles.

25 Arrived at Wolf river and joined div distance 4 miles.

26 Reviewed by div commander

27 Left Wolf river and marched to La Grange Distance 11 miles. Private Fredric [sic] Hull sent to Hospital Memphis Tenn.

29 Private Fredrick Hull returned to company.


30 George R. Griswold pr S.O. 104 16th A.C. May — 64 left Co. to appear before examing Board with a view to promotion in C.T. By oversight omited [sic] to be noted previous to this date.


Remarks for the Month of July, 1864.

2 Private Fred. Hull sent to Hospital at Memphis Term. Priv Henry Landers sent to hospital at Memphis Tenn.

5 Received marching orders. Left La Grange Tenn. and marched to Grand Junction. Distance 6 miles.

6 Camped in the woods. Distance marched 10 miles.

7 Struck camp at 2.30 A.M. & marched 13 miles.

8 Struck tents at 3 A.M. Marched about 10 miles. Passed through Ripley Mifs. And went into camp about 6 miles south of Ripley.

9 Struck tents at 2.30 A.M. Marched 11 miles. Camped at New Albany Mifs. (For promotion, Pri James E. Johnson ordered to proceed Philadelphia Pa. To the military school North purpose of being educated[)]

10 Struck tents at 3:00 A.M. And marched 12 miles. Pitched tents 7 miles from Pontotoc.

11 Struck tents at 1.30 A.M. Marched to Pontotoc. Distance 7 miles.

12 1st Lieut. Edward Webster mustered out of this company and promoted to Capt. of Co. B "4" U.S. Heavy Arty C.T.

13 Left Pontotoc at 4:00 A.M. marched 18 miles. Four miles from Tupelo Rebels attacked our Supply train and got badly whipped.

14 Engaged the enemy near Tupelo, Miss. Ball opened at 7 A.M. and was hotly contested until 11:00 A.M. Rebels successfuly repulsed with a loss of 2500 in killed & wounded.

15 Left the battle ground at 9 A.M. and marched 5 miles. Heavy skirmishing in our rear. Rebs badly whipped.

16 Struck tents at 7 A.M. and marched 15 miles. Considerable skirmishing in our rear all day. One horse killed in action last evening.

17 Struck tents at 2 A.M. Marched to New Albany. Distance 11 miles. Three horses being unable to travel were abandoned and shot on yesterday's march.

18 Struck tents at 2 A.M. Marched 20 miles.

19 Struck tents at 2 A.M. Marched 15 miles and camped at Salem, Miss. One horse abandoned and shot on yesterday's march Being unable to travel.


20 Struck tents at 4 A.M. Marched to Davis Mills. Distance 12 miles.

21 Struck tents at 4 A.M. Marched to LaGrange. Distance 6 miles.

22 Lieut. R. G. Harmon in charge of two detachments of cannoneers and the ammunition boxes went by rail to Memphis Tenn. Lieut. J. W. Lowell comdg Battery with the remainder of the men horses & carriages marched to Wolf river. Distance 11 miles.

23 Struck tents at 4 A.M. and marched to Germantown. Distance 24 miles.

24 Struck tents at 3 A.M. and marched to Memphis Tenn. Distance 15 miles. Private George R. Griswold heretofore reported absent with leave.

25 Privates Chidester, A. V. Lang, Richards & Holmes sent to Hospital at Memphis Tenn. Received 50 new horses. Two horses abandoned and shot on yesterday's march Being unable to travel.

26 Notification received that 1st Lieut. E. Webster was mustered out of Co and mustered in as Capt. of Colored Troops at Columbus Ky. Mustered out To date from July 12" 1864.

27 Received notification of the discharge of Pri Hezekiah Colmstock [sic] on the 8th day of June 1864 at St. Louis Hospital.

28 Private Wm Lewis sent to Hospital at Memphis Tenn.

29 Received two 12 pounder Napoleon guns With equipments complete for the same.

30 Twenty eight condemed [sic] horses turned over to Post Quartermaster at Memphis Tenn. Recd 20 New Horses.

31 Received eight New Horses. Eleven mules turned over to Quartermaster.


Remarks for the Month of August, 1864.

3 Received marching orders. Left Memphis at 3 P.M. and moved out on the Pigeon Roast [sic?] road in the direction of Holly Springs. Pri Mathiason Altman Lynch Adrian P.A. Richards Sent to Hos at Mem. Marched 8 miles and camped on the South bank of [illegible]

4 Moved out of Camp at 4 A.M. Marched to Cold Water. Distance 22 miles. Halted two hours at noon to feed.

5 Began to march about 6 A.M. Halted one hour to feed and marched to Holly Springs. Distance 20 miles.

9 Privates Frost and Taylor sent to Hospital at Memphis Tenn & One Horse died of disease.

10 Left Camp at Holly Springs and marched to Waterford. Distance 8 miles.

11 Struck tents at 5 A.M. Marched 12 miles. Crossed the Tallahatchie and camped near Abbeville Miss.

14 Private Clair Mathiason returned to Co. from Hospital at Memphis Tenn.

19 Marched from Abbeville to Hurricane Creek. Distance 7 miles. The Center section crossed the creek and camped on a Hill about 1/4 of a mile from the Creek. The remainder of the Battery went into camp on the side towards Abbeville.

20 About sun down the right & left sections crossed the creek and joined the center section where we remained in camp during the night.

21 Struck tents at 7 A.M. and moved on in the direction of Oxford. About 1 mile from Camp we came up on the enemy and formed in line of Battle on a Hill. After a slight skirmish in which the rebs were driven we marched about 6 miles and went into camp.

22 Moved back to Hurricane creek. Crossed the creek and camped for the night near the old ground.

23 Struck tents at 5 A.M. Marched to the Tallahatchie river. Distance 8 miles.

25 Crossed the Tallahatchie river and marched to Waterford. Distance 10 miles.

26 Struck tents at 7 A.M. But did not move out of camp until 11 A.M. Marched to Holly Springs. Distance 8 miles.


28 Left Holly Springs and marched to Cold Water. Distance 22 miles. Q.M. Sergt. Albert A. Dusenbury, Corp. Samuel [P.?] Garst, Privates Thomas Richards & Orlando Croucher were captured by the rebels.

29 Struck tents at 6 A.M. and marched 12 miles.

30 Struck tents at 5 A.M. and marched to Memphis. Distance [18?] miles. Two Horses fell dead while on the march.

31 Henry R Rofs a recruit joined co from Depot Springfield Ill. Corp. Cyrus M. Cummings returned to Co. Aug. 21st from sick furlough. Pri. Thomas Shafer returned to Co from Hospital at Memphis Tenn.

31 [handwritten date at left] Nine condemed [sic] Horses turned over to Quartermaster.


Remarks for the Month of September, 1864.

1 Private George Crane returned to Co from Hospital at Columbus Ky. Two horses shot to prevent their disease (The Glanders) from spreading among the other Horses. [The following written on blank for the second, with line drawn to the first:] Private Fredrick Nellinger Died in Hospital at Memphis Tenn. Pri Andrew Bergstrom sent to Hospital at Memphis Tenn.

3 Second Lieut. Perry Wilch Mustered as First Lieut. To date from Aug. 15th 1864

5 Privates Lynch Atkinson & Adrian returned to Co. from Hospital at Memphis Tenn.

6 Pri William Lewis returned to Co from Hospital at Memphis Tenn.

7 Priates [sic] F. Young & Richard Bullock sent to Convalescent Camp at Memphis Tenn. Embarked on the Steamer City of Alton and proceeded up the river. One horse abandoned, being unable to travel. One Horse died of disease.

8 Arrived at Cairo and unloaded the Battery between Cairo & Mound City. Lieut. John W. Lowell per Special order from Head Quarters 3rd Div. 16 A. C. Proceeded to Springfield Ill.

9 Gavin T. Gould (Bugler) And Thomas Roney (Private) Left Co. without leave. Present whereabouts unknown. [The following statement is written on the blank for the tenth, but is underlined and appears to belong with the information for the ninth:] Capt. F. Sparrestrom Discharged for disability Pep [sic?] Special No. [sic] 189 Hd Qrs. Dep't. of the Tenn To date from Aug. 22nd 1864.

10 Lieut. John W. Lowell returned to Co. from Springfield Ills.

11 1st Lieut. John W. Lowell Mustered as Capt. to Date from Sept. 10" 1864. 2nd Lt. R. G. Harmon mustered as 1st Lt. to date from Sept. 10" 1864. Sergts. John W. Darland & Ashbel Crocker Mustered as 2nd Lts. to date from Sept. 10" 1864.

13 Privates Wm McDowell & Wm Lewis & John C. Burnes. Sent to Mo[und?] City Hosp.

14 Embarked on board str. Sioux City and started up the Mifs. river at 10 A.M.

16 On Str Sioux City en route for Jefferson Barracks, Mo


17 Privates James Adrian & Myron Megreth sent to Jefferson Barracks Hosp. Rec. Notification that priv Lorenzo Holmes died [illegible] Sept. 3rd '64. Disembarked from steamer Sioux City at Jefferson Barracks, Mo. & went into Camp.

18 Private Henry Landers returned to Co. from Hospital.

21 Corp. Joseph Esbyorn Promoted and mustered as 2nd Lt. Co. B 4th U.S. Heavy Arty C.T. To date from July 10" 1864. Discharged Sept. 21st 1864 To date from July 9" 1864.

22 Q.M. Sergt. A. Dusenbury Recently captured by the enemy Returned to Co. Having been legaly [sic] exchanged. Oliver Rowley, Oscar Kelberg Enlisted and mustered into Co. To date from Sept. 13" 1864. William Freeman enlisted and mustered into Co. To date from Sept. 22nd 1864.

25 Privates Thomas Slaughter, John Sinclair & Albert Adams sent to Hospital at Jefferson Barracks Mo. Received Notification of the death [of] Pri Fredrick Nellinger on [sic] Jackson Hospital at Memphis Tenn. On the 1st day of Sept. 1864.

27 Privat [sic] Richard Bullock returned to Co. from Hospital Memphis Tenn.

28 [the following is crossed out] 2nd Lieut. John W. Darland and eleven enlisted men Per S. O. No. 125 Rt. Wing 16th A.C. [end crossed out portion.]

30 Pr S.O. No. 125 Rt Wing 16 A. C. date Sept. 28th/64. Eleven enlisted men were forwarded to Springfield Ill. [in] charge of 2nd Lt. J. W. Darland to be mustered out by reason of Expiration of term of Enlistment.


Remarks for the Month of October, 1864.

1 Private Burgstrom and Francis Young returned from Hospital to Co. Private Johnson returned to Co.

2 Left Jefferson Barracks Mo. and marched to Kirk Wood Mo., a distance 13 miles.

3 Left Kirk Wood and marched 20 miles to Camp near Franklin Mo.

4 Marched to Greys Summit a distance of 5 miles. Camped near town.

5 One horse died with Dis While at Summit.

7 Left Grays Summit and marched eleven miles. Camped near Union Mo.

8 Marched twenty three miles and Camped on the field. 2nd Lieut. J. W. Darland returned from [furlough? (illegible)]

10 Marched to the Gasconade River, a distance of twenty seven miles. Received one [illegible]

11 Left the Gasconade River and marched twenty five miles. Lost one Horse by Disease.

12 Marched to Jefferson City a distance of twenty one miles and embarked aboard the Cars. left approximately at 10 o'clock [P.M.?] Private Romeo D. Martin was left in Hospital, Jefferson City, Mo.

13 Marched by Rail to California, Mo. a distance of twenty six miles. Camped in the town.

14 Sergt. Henry H. Fisher Reduced to the Ranks by his own consent and at his own request. Lost two Horses by Dis[ease.]

15 Received ten Horses from Quartermaster.

16 Marched to [Lincoln? Duncan?] Bridge a distance of 24 miles. One horse transferred pr orders [illegible] Lieut. [illegible] Buell Div [illegible, A.C.?]

18 Marched 17 miles and Camped near George Town, Mo.

19 Marched 13 miles and Camped in the field. Marched Black Water a distance of 20 miles.

21 [entered on line for the 20, marked out and changed to "21"] Marched to Lexington, Mo. a distance of 25 miles.

22 [entered on line for the 21, marked out and changed to "22"] Marched 20 miles Camped in the field.

23 [entered on line for the 22, marked out and changed to "23"] Marched at an early hour and continued untill


24 [entered on line for the 23, marked out and changed to "24"] Seven oclock A.M. a distance of 45 miles.

25 Marched 15 miles and camped in the field near Santafe.

26 Marched 25 miles and camped near Harrisoville [sic] Mo.

29 Private P. H. Richards returned from Hospital to Co. Notification received of Private Webster transfered to Vet. reserve Corps.

30 Marched to Pleasant Hull [sic?] Mo. a distance of 10 miles.

31 Marched from Pleasant Hill Mo. a distance of 20 miles. Camped in the field. Bugler Gavin T. Gould and Private Thomas Ronee Reported as Deserters.


Remarks for the Month of November, 1864.

1 Marched to Lexington a distance of 26 [20?] miles.

2 Marched to Waverly a distance of 21 miles.

3 Marched 23 miles and Camped in the field. Two Horses gave out and was left on account of being unable to travel.

4 Marched to the river opisite [sic] Glascow [sic] Mo. a distance of 16 miles.

5 Crossed the Mo River and marched into Camp near Town.

7 Marched from Glascow to Fayett [sic] Mo a distance of 12 miles.

9 One Horse died of Disease. Private Charles [Wutz? illegible] went to St. Louis Hospital.

10 Marched to Roachport a distance of 14 miles.

11 Marched to Columbia Mo a distance of 14 miles.

12 Marched 20 miles and Camped in the field.

13 Marched 19 miles and Camped near Williamsburg, Mo.

14 Marched to High Hill Mo a distance of 20 miles.

15 Marched to Warrington [?] Mo. a distance of 15 miles. Private Martin Oconnell went to St. Louis Hosp.

16 Marched 20 miles and Camped at Pondfort [?] Mo.

17 Marched 20 miles to St. Charles crossed the river and Camped in the woods.

18 Marched to St. Louis Mo Camped on the West side of the City a distance of 19 miles.

19 Private Barnes [sic?], Frost, King and Taylor Returned from Hospital to duty. Received nine Recruits from Depot Springfield, Ills.

20 Private Charles [Wutz? Wiley? Wity?] returned to Co.

22 Turned over Thirty two horses to Quartermaster and received Twenty.

24 Privates Megreth, Slaughter and Sinclair returned to Co. One Horse died of Disease. Embarked on board the Steamer Kate Rainey.

25 Left St. Louis and proceeded down the Mississippi. Privates Drummond and Freeman Left in St. Louis.

27 Arived [sic] at Cairo, Ills. Private Grimes left at Cairo.

28 Left Cairo and proceeded up the Ohio [Joined? Formed?] the fat [sic?] and tied up for the night at Smith...[?]

29 Proceeded up the Cumberlan [sic] River.


Remarks for the Month of December, 1864.

1 Arived at Nashville Term. Disembarked and moved into Camp on the South Side of Town. Moved to a position in line of Battle on the left.

2 Changed our position. Marched to the right of the center.

3 Changed our position farther to right. In accordance with S.O. No. 147 Hd Qrs. Rt. Wing 16 A.C. Privates Hemingway, Hager, Donoghue and King proceeded to Springfield Ill. to be mustered out

4 [the following is crossed out] Chang [end crossed out portion.] Throwed up fortifications to strengthen our position.

5 Commenced Shelling the enemy.

6 The Shelling of the Enemy is continued.

7 Continued to shell the Enemy.

8 Occasionaly [sic] throw [sic] a shell at the enemy[']s works.

9 All quiet. The Enemy have probaly [sic] evacuated.

10 Private Albert Adams returned to Co. from Hospital.

11 Private James Petrie in Accordance with Special Order No. 114 is detailed for Special duty in the C.S. Dept. To Date from Dec. 9th 1864. (Corp. Churchill is upon Daily duty as Battery C. Sergt.)

12 Privates Hemingway, Hager, Donoghue and King Discharged to date from Dec. 3d 1864. Private Petri [sic] returned to Company.

14 Privates Landers and Palson went to Hospital No. 15 Nashville Tenn.

15 Moved out in line of Battle at six oclock a.m. attacted [sic] the enemy at ten oclock a.m. and the [fire?] continued fighting untill dark. Private Wilkie was wounded and sent to the Hospital.

16 Moved out at daylight and attacted [sic] the Enemy. The fight continued untill dark. Routed the enemy and took posession [sic] of their works. In the morning the Battery drew out of the enemy work one Gun and one Caison. [sic]

17 Moved at daylight and Camped on the franklin Pike a distance of five miles. The Battery drew out of the enemy works two Guns and four Caisons [sic] and at night drew out five 12 Pr. Guns.

18 Marched at Six oclock and Camped near Franklin Tenn. a distance of Six miles.


19 Marched a distance of ten miles and Camped near High Hill. Lieut. Wilch temporarily in Command of the Battery since the 15th of December.

20 Marched three miles and Camped in the woods. left one horse at High Hill on account of not being able to travel.

22 Marched five miles and Camped in the field.

24 Marched to the river and went into Camp. Lieut. Wilch in command of the 9th Ind. Baty according to S. O. No. (21) Hd Qrs, 3d Brig., 2nd Div. Det. Army of the Tenn., Dec. 23d 1864.

25 Crossed Duck river and marched six miles and camped in the field.

26 Marched seven miles and Camped in the field.

27 Marched eight miles and Camped in the field.

29 Marched ten miles and camped in the field.

30 Marched seven miles and camped in the field.

31 Marched eight miles and camped in the field near Lauranceberg Tenn.


Remarks for the Month of January, 1865.

1 2nd Lt John L. Darland det on daily duty as Batty Q.M. Marched 15 miles.

2 James E. Johnson rel from Sp. duty at Brig. Hd Qrs & reported [to] Co. Marched to Clifton, Ten. 18 miles.

3 Embarked on Steamers on Tennessee River.

7 Arrived and disembarked at Eastport, Mifs. one horse died of disease.

10 Private John C. Burns Discharged per reason of expiration of term of service.

11 Received M. & D. Lists of 10 recruits from Draft Rendezvous Springfield, Ill.

14 Private James E. Johnson and Hiram B. Scutt on leave to Nashville per Sp. O. No. 9 Hd Qrs. Det. army of Ten. Jan. 12/65.

16 Nine recruits recd from Draft Rendezvous Springfield Ill. Privates, [sic] William H. Bradt & Albert Sherborn captured by the enemy while on duty near Eastport Mifs.

17 Capt. J. W. Lowell on Detach Service as Chief Arty Pr S.O. No. 14th [sic] Hd Qrs Det. Army of Tenn.

18 2nd Lt. J. W. Darland on Detach Service as Ord. Officer Pr S.O. No 15 Hd Qrs Det Army of Tenn.

19 Pr S.O. No. 1 Hd Qrs Arty Brig Det Army of Tenn. 1st Lt. Wilch relieved from Command of 9th Ind. Batty and ordered to take command of Battery G 2nd Ill. Arty.

23 Private William Steele Died of Disease. Inventory of Effects & Final Statements forwarded.

25 Corpl. J. M. Steele on furlough of twenty days from date.

31 Private Romeo B. Martin Ret from Hosp. Two recruits reported to Co. from Draft Rendezvous Springfield Ills. names Erastus Harris & Allen B [illegible]


Remarks for the Month of February, 1865.

1 Ezra McCollister, private, on Daily duty as Batty Saddler.

2 Corporal C. H. McDowell, privates E. W. Condit, Theodore Loring, Chas. J. F. Evendorf, Oscar F. McIntosh, Hiram Hill, Glaus Mathiason, Hiram Colgrove, Smith Clothier & A. Fogle. Detailed for Special Duty at Arty Brig Hd Qrs. per S.O. No 8. Hd. Qrs. Arty. Brig. Det. Army of the Term. Bugler Oscar F. Mclntosh Reduced to Ranks, and Private Henry Sisler appointed Battery Bugler, per Battery order No 2 Hd. Qrs. Batty. "G" 2nd Ills. Lt. Arty.

4 One Horse died of Dry Colick [sic].

6 Embarked on Board Steamers at Eastport Mifs.

7 Started down the Tennessee River.

9 Arrived at Cairo Ills.

10 Left Cairo Ills. Per Sp. O. No. 53 H Qrs. Det. Army of the Ten. Private Skilton Smith absent with leave to appear before ex board at Nashville, Tenn. [written above phrase "ex board" are the words "of examination"]

11 Arrived at Memphis Tenn.

12 Private James E. Johnson returned to Co. and Reported for duty.

13 Left Memphis Tenn. proceed [sic] down the Mifsifsippi River.

15 Arrived at Vicksburgh [sic] Miss and disembark [sic]. One Horse died of Lung fever Caused by being on board steam boat during very changeble [sic] Weather.

16 Private Marcus H. Fish sent to Hospital.

17 Private Smith Clothier relieved from Sp. duty at Arty Brig Hd Qrs per Sp orders No 13 HdQ. A. B.

18 Under Cook A. D. Ned Cooper sent to Hospital at Vicksburg Mifs. Descriptive List furnished. two Horses died of Lung Fever.

20 Left Vicksburg Mifs. on St. Ida Haudy. one Horse stolen every endevor made to recover it without success.

21 Arrived at New Orleans, La.

22 Arrived ____ [sic]


Remarks for the Month of March, 1865.

3 Corporal Joseph W. Steele returned from Furlough.

5 Private Oren W. Wing died of Disease at Camp Hospital. Chalmette, La. Inventory & Final statements sent.

6 One Horse died of Fearcy. [sic]

11 Left New Orleans and marched to the Canal, embarked on "St. Lockwood." one horse abandoned.

12 Private Hiram B. Scutt returned to Co & reported for duty.

13 Disembarked at Dauphin Island, Mobile Bay.

17 one recruit (from Draft Rendezvous Springfield Ill) reported to Co for duty — no descriptive List.

18 1st section of Battery under 1st Lt. R. G. Harmon left for Mobile.

20 [the following is crossed out] Stuck on Sand bar. [end crossed out portion.]

21 2nd Section of Battery left for Mobile.

22 Disembarked 8 miles up the Fish River at — [sic] Mills [joined? found?] the 1st section and went into camp.

25 Left Camp marched about 10 miles

26 Marched about 8 miles.

29 Two recruits from Draft Rendezvous, Springfield, Ills. reported to Co. for duty. names Frederick Kunz & John Fleischmann. No M. & D. List.

31 Left camp with 1st Div. 13th A. C. Marched 7 miles camped in field threw up works.


Remarks for the Month of April, 1865.

1 1st Section of Battery went out on reconnaissance.

3 Left camp at 1 oclock A.M. marched 3 miles, went into camp moved up to the rear of the Line at 8 o'clock A.M.

4 Privates Horace [Kegman?] and William Tate sent to 2nd Division Hospital. M. & D. Rolls of Kunz & Fleischman recd. Descriptive Lists sent to St. Louis Hospital New Orleans La [sic] May 22 / 65.

5 Battery reported back to the 2nd Division 16th A.C.

7 3 Horses Shot on ap of their having Farcey and Glanders. James Adrian ret from Hosp & reptd for duty. Battery went into position at Ft. Blakely.

8 Ammount [sic] of Ammunition Drawn 150 round Fuze Shell. Expended 203 Fuze Shell & 90 Case Shot.

9 "Fort Blakely" Captured

10 Artificer A. V. Lang discharged at Genl. Hospital Quincy Ill. for disability. Feb. 24th 1865.

11 One horse died of Farcey.

12 [the following is crossed out] Marched 8 miles. [end crossed out portion.]

13 Marched 8 miles. one horse Shot. Farcey & Glanders.

14 Marched 18 miles.

15 Marched 15 miles, one horse shot

16 Marched 17 miles, one horse abandoned sick

17 Marched 20 miles.

18 Marched 13 miles.

19 Marched 16 miles.

20 Marched 15 miles, one horse died on the road

21 Marched 7 miles, one horse abandoned

22 Marched 7 miles. Fired salute of 200 guns, camped near Greenville, Ala.

23 Marched 15 miles, one horse abandoned unfit to travel.

24 Marched 18 miles.

25 Marched 8 miles. one horse abandoned

26 [the following is crossed out] Marched 7 miles. one horse abandoned, [end crossed out portion] no marching this day.

27 Marched 7 miles. one horse abandoned.


Remarks for the Month of May, 1865.

2 one horse died of disease.

5 one horse died of disease.

6 one horse died of disease.

8 Private, [sic] William J. Lewis discharged for disability at U.S. Hospital Mound City Ills. April 12th 1865.

11 Private John Chidester transfered to Vet. Res. Corps per S.O. 71 Hd Qrs Dept of Mo. March 15/65.

13 Two horses shott [sic] by order of Chief of Artillery.

17 One horse died of disease.

18 Two ambulance mules stolen from camp.

20 Privates Emory O. Wilkie & Martin O'Connell reported to Co. from Hosp. 3 recruits from Draft Rendezvous Springfield Ill. reported to Co. No. M. & D. Lists. Glassie, Myford & Rayl.

21 One mule died of disease.

24 Two horses shot per order of Board of survey.


Remarks for the Month of June, 1865.

2 Two horses died of disease.

3 10 privates J. Brown, H. Colgrove, A. J. Driver, E. Edwards, H. W. Glassie, E. Harris, H. Hill, Kelberg, O. Rowley & Petrie, mustered out Per G. O. No. 64 Hd. Qrs. Mil. Div. W. Mifs.

9 Battery Paid by Maj. Tilden to include Feb 28/65. Private Thos. Richards returned to the Battery.

Remarks for the Month of July, 1865.

9 Private Martin O'Connell sent to Hospital.

10 Private Martin O'Connell died in Hospital of disease.

14 Received notification of the death of Private Clais [sic?] Mathiason at Hospital.

17 Recd notification of the muster out June 27" 1865 of Pri Marcus H. Fish. One Horse died of disease.

19 Turned over to Capt. Penny A.Q.M. 30 Artillery Horses.

21 2nd Lieut. Ashbel Crocker relieved from Special duty as Batty Q.M.

22 Received notification of the muster-out of Private Ole Paulsen, May 31st 1865 at St. Louis.

25 Recd of Capt. Rice Comdg 17th Ohio Battery, fifty (50) Artillery Horses.

28 Private Frederick Kuntz sent to Hospital.

29 Private Geo. W. Dorset arrested and sent to Guard House.

31 Received notification of the muster out of Private Albert Sherburne.


Remarks for the Month of August, 1865.

1 2nd Lieut. John W. Darland relieved from Special duty and reported to Co.

2 Q.M. Sergt. Albert A. Dusenberry and Private Thomas Richards mustered-out.

3 Privates James Eldrige and Geo. M. Joslyn on Det. Service as orderlies at Corps Hd. Qrs.

6 One Horse died of disease

7 Receved [sic] notification of the muster-out of Privates William H. Bradt to date from May 30" 1865 and Oland [sic] Croucher date July 8" 1864.

8 Sergt DeLang Corpls Hathaway, Loveridge, Mellberg and Vroman mustered-out as Supernumerarys [sic] Per S.O. No 14 Hd Qrs Dept of the Cumberland.

Remarks for the Month of September, 1865.

1 Capt. J. W. Lowell returned to command per Special Order No. 4, District Montgomery, Alabama, Aug. 16, 1864 [sic]

3 Sergt. Samuel S. Garst returned from prisoner of war, captured Aug. 28, 1864.