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Atrocious Outrage in Washington County — Mysterious Abduction of a Young and Beautiful Girl.

A private letter from a lady at Richview, Washington county, in this State, gives the particulars of a most mysterious outrage which was perpetrated at the residence of Mr. M. A. Linton, residing about four miles from Richview, on the night of the 5th inst.

The writer states that a party of thirteen men, disguised by handkerchiefs tied over the lower part of their faces, and armed with navy revolvers, presented themselves at Mr. Linton's house about half past two o'clock at night and demanded admittance. On being refused they threatened to break down the door. The spokesman of the party was recognized as a man who had taken supper at Mr. Linton's the same evening under pretence of having lost his way to Hayleton, the next town.

On being admitted the party demanded Ginevra, a daughter of Mr. Linton's by a former marriage, a beautiful and amiable girl of sixteen years of age, who had just returned home from a boarding school in Ohio. She having just run down stairs to see what was the matter, was seized by three ruffians and told that she must go with them, dead or alive. Her father being totally unarmed was powerless to defend her. The girl was dragged to her room, and after being allowed to dress herself, was forcibly carried to a buggy and driven off. As she was borne out at the door, she turned towards her father, raised her hands and exclaimed, "Oh God!"

A party of eight men were left to guard the house till daylight, to prevent any alarm being given. During the night they paced around the house, knocking at the door, looking in at the window, rattling the glass, and taunting the wretched inmates by asking how they liked evening calls, etc. No clue has been obtained to the abductors, or to the course taken by them, although a stranger whom Mr. Linton met at a store in Richview the same day is suspected to have been one of them. Another statement is to the effect that a woman who had been prowling around the neighborhood for some time past was one of the abducting party.

Mr. Linton is a Quaker by profession, and it was well known that he was unarmed.

For some time past a perfect reign of terror has prevailed in the region referred to above. It was within a few miles of the same neighborhood (at Ashley) that a number of robberies were perpetrated recently of which we gave some account a couple of weeks ago. The vicinity is overrun by deserters and rebel sympathizers, readers and admirers of the Chicago Times, who are undoubtedly the perpetrators of the outrage.