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The Northern Invasion.

The news from Maryland this morning is serious enough to excite the gravest apprehension. The rebels are evidently in the State in large force, and have, within the last two or three days, transferred their operations almost entirely from the western to the eastern portion. The venture is evidently a desperate one, and if it should not prove successful, it must cost the rebels dearly.

A resume of the situation, as reported up to a late hour last night, was as follows: The rebels, by a sudden dash, had crossed the Northern Central Railroad and reached the Baltimore and Philadelphia Road, capturing a train of cars at Magnolia Station, nineteen miles from Baltimore. This puts an end to railroad and telegraphic communication with Baltimore and Washington, and boats have been resorted to between Baltimore and Perryville at the head of Chesapeake Bay. The rebels will undoubtedly be able to advance without any difficulty as far as the Susquehanna river. There is a report that the cavalry of Gen. Couch (commanding in Pennsylvania,) had reached Hagerstown, capturing a number of straggling rebels; also that Gen. Sullivan, of Hunter's command, had reoccupied Martinsburg, capturing a large amount of stores, and 2,000 prisoners; that Hunter had effected a junction with Wallace in the rebel rear, and was driving the raiders; also that the 18th corps from Grant's army, under the command of Gen. "Baldy" Smith, and the 19th,from the Gulf Department, under the command of Franklin had reached Baltimore. Only a part of these statements can be relied upon, and all need confirmation. In the meantime the rebels will be likely to push forward towards Philadelphia or Harrisburg, unless checked by a show of strength in their front or alarmed by assaults upon their rear. The delay in sending forward troops from New York continues, only one regiment having received marching orders. We presume Gov. Seymour is still quibbling while the rebels are steadily marching toward Philadelphia and New York. The next few days promises to be full of important events. Whether Pennsylvania and New York will yet arouse to their duty remains to be seen.