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Letter to a Veteran.

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June 16 1913,

To the Veteran: —

In response to your letter of recent date your attention is especially called to the fact that the Gettysburg Reunion Law of Illinois provides:

First, that transportation shall be furnished by Illinois, only to those who were present and actually participated in the Battle of Gettysburg. For the protection of the State this Department is asking from applicants a sworn affidavit as to the above fact.

Second, transportation is only furnished to participants of the battle, who are now residents of Illinois.

Third, those who qualify as above need not have participated in the battle in an Illinois regiment, they may have fought on either side and from any state, if only they are now residents of Illinois.

The time is limited — be prompt to respond.

Very respectfully,
Gen. F. S. Dickson
The Adjutant General
Chief of Staff.