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A Day of Triumphs.

Yesterday was emphatically a day of triumphs. The heart of every loyal man will swell with pride and satisfaction as he reads its record, and remembers that he bore a part in achieving such glorious victories. Meager as our returns are at the time of writing, (midnight) we yet accept them as conclusive evidence of a Union triumph not only in Massachusetts (which never fails) but in New York also. The Empire State rebukes its miscreant Governor, who addresses robbers and murderers as his "friends." We have no word from Wisconsin yet, but we have an abiding faith that she, too, has given a similar verdict.

And Illinois, too — glorious Illinois, standing in the front rank of loyal States, and so honored in the gallant achievements of her citizen soldiery — surrounded as she was by the elements of treason, we believe stands forth to-day redeemed, with the shackles of her slavery lying broken at her feet. What a noble response is this to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Iowa!

The loyal States to-day present an undivided front in support of the Union. Let traitors and their sympathizers be admonished.