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The News from Virginia.

The news which we present from Eastern Virginia this morning, is of the most exciting character. The interest which has been centering around the movements of our armies in that quarter during the past week, is intensified until the nation awaits breathlessly the out-givings of the electrical messenger, as it bears the startling, but not unexpected news, to every city and village in our broad land.

"Bull Run" has been the scene of another sanguinary conflict, and we are assured that the valor of our troops has wiped out the disgrace of July 21st, 1861. But it has been at a fearful loss of the lives of gallant and patriotic men battling for the unity and perpetuity of their country against the assaults of traitors.

We have not the means of judging the full significance of the last three days' business; but judging from our dispatches there is an apparent confidence at Washington that the enemy has been drawn into a position in which the capture of a portion of his force is probable. We shall not attempt to predict results. Further news will be awaited with the most intense interest.