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Disloyality in Illinois — Arrest of the Editor and Publishers of the Democratic Standard.

M. Mehaffy and F. Odell, publishers, and Amos Green, editor of the Democratic Standard at Paris, Illinois, were arrested on last Friday by United States Marshal Phillips, acting under a special order from the War Department, and their paper suppressed. Green was at Terre Haute, Indiana, at the time of his arrest; Mehaffy and Odell were taken at Paris. We understand that the arrest caused considerable excitement, and for some time a mob was threatened by the sympathisers of the persons arrested, but after thinking better of the matter the crowd took the advice of their leaders and dispersed. The prisoners were brought to this city and are now here en route for Washington.

The Standard was professedly a Democratic, but really a secession paper. There has been much complaint in reference to its disloyal character and influence for some time past, and its suppression can hardly be said to be unexpected. We understand it was established for the purpose of breaking down the Democratic Blade, the old Democratic paper in Paris, which has given the most earnest and loyal support to the Government in the prosecution of the war for the maintenance of the Union.