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Diary of Franklin Blanchard.

Co k 13 Illinois Infantry
General Wyman Commanding
January 1, 1863 to April 11, 1863

From Smith-Hevenor Collection
Joiner History Room

(The following pages were copied with Blanchard's spelling. He used no periods or commas and did not always capitalize proper names.)

Starts January 1, 1863
We lay here all day until dark & then we got off the Continental marched down the river 3 miles & got on the John Warner lay there all night

January 2, 1863
We started down the river at 2 p.m. went as far as the Mississippi river lay shore all night rained hard all night

January 3, 1863
We started at dark run up the river about 8 miles and landed

January 4, 1863
He started in the morning stoped and got wood several times

January 5, 1863
We started at 5 a.m. passed Lake Providence stoped once for wood and run til after dark

January 6, 1863
We started up the R. landed at dark to get wood passed Greenville and several other small places

January 7, 1863
We ran all night last night and all day toed (towed) the gunboat Louisville all the time passed Napolian today at the mouth of the Ark R

January 8, 1863
It rained nearly all day today We lay at the mouth of White River all day

January 9, 1863
Today we started up the White river then run across to the Ark (Arkansas River) and landed at dark

January 10, 1863
Today we landed 3 miles below the foart at Ark past the gunboats had quite a fight the 3rd Ills Cavlry took 70 prisoners


January 11, 1863
Today at one p.m. the gun boats and our bateries opened on the rebbles fortifications and the infantry advanced & at 4 the enemy surenderrd with about 6000 men

January 12, 1863
Today we moved into the enemys baracks and took up our quarters there

Ark Post January 13, 1863
Today we burned the secesh baracks and then went on board the boat to stay there all night

January 14, 1863
We went down the river about a mile landed lay there all day

January 15, 1863
We started down at dark landed at Nepele (?) sometime in the night thare was about 8 inches of snow in the morning and prety cold

Napolian January 16, 1863
We got off the boat and went into the deserted houses and stay til night then the Regt had to go out on picket The snow did not thaw mutch

January 17, 1863
We stay on picket all day the boat John Warner came up the river where we was and we had to load wood most all day

January 18, 1863
We was caled in at 12 ok and got on board the boat there was several howses burned today

January 19, 1863
We did not move had quite a shower about night

January 20th 1863
Today we started and run down the R some wase landed and took on wood the boys got lots of meat and other stuff

January 21, 1863
We started before dark run down the river to Milegans Bend and landed

January 22, 1863
We run down as far as Milegans Bend and landed there for a day

January 23, 1863
Today we run down in site of Vixburg and landed got off the boat about 4 pm martched down 2 miles on the Louisiana side stoped in a patch of burrs for the night it rained nearly all night


January 24, 1863
Today we started at day break without anything to eat martched 3 miles and went into camp below Vicksburg captured a small steam ferry boat that landed for wood by the name of Nesota

January 25, 1863
Last night we was called out in line of battle about 3 oclock it rained nearly all night

January 26, 1863
Last night we was called out under arms about 5 in the morning got into line stood there til morning then went to camp

January 27, 1863
Today our Regt went out requinartering down the river about 4 miles saw nothing on this side of the river

January 28, 1863
Today we went out on picket for 24 hours Col Rowin tryed to run the blockade with the little boat Desota

January 29, 1863
Today there was nothing new going on today we was relieved at 10 AM Col Rowen went down the river about 2 miles

January 30, 1863
Today there was nothing new

January 31, 1863
Today was on fatuege duty digging on the canall

February 1, 1863
Today it rained all day last night they expected one of our rams to run the blockade but it did not come

February 2, 1863
Last night was very foggy and about day break the ram Quene of the Night run the blockade and went down in the west today

February 3, 1863
Nothing new today weather fair

February 4, 1863
Today it rained all day and was very cold

February 5, 1863
Today the ram Queen of the night came up the river apast rebles bateries

February 6, 1863
To day we got orders to move camp up to the landing above Vicksburg the mud was about 8 inches deep camped near the landing


February 7, 1863
To day we (?) the remainder of our things

February 8, 1863
Arranged camp to day nuthing new

February 9th, 1863
To day the weather was fine There was nothing new to day

February 10
Nothing new to day I went up to the Merkentile baterey

February 11, 1863
Today our briggade was reviewed by Gen Sherman

February 12, 1863
There is nothing new to day it rained last night and is very muddy

February 13, 1863
To day our Regt was on fotege on the canall

February 14, 1863
Last night the moniter (?) gunboat Indian Ola run the blockade here at Vicksburg

February 15, 1863
To day we got orders to go on board the transport Co A and K we got on went down the river a little ways then came back and went to camp

February 25th 1863
Last night we sent an old coal barge down past Vicksburg as a sneare the rebbles kept up a sharp fier at it for some time The Queen of the West came up the river under the rebble flag the enemy captured her 60 (?) miles up the black river it rained nearly all the afternoon

April 1, 1863
To day we got orders to get ready to march but did not go

Apr 2nd
To day we got on board the steamer Meltepulitan (Metropolitan) and started up the river at 4 run nearly all night landed in the morning at lake Probdence (Providence?)

April 3, 1863
To day we run up to Greenvill stayed there til dark then run up into a lake and stayed there til dark

April 4 1863
To day we run up the river a little pease stopped there all night


April 5, 1863
To day we got off martched out to Black River bilt a bridge acrost it

April 6, 1863
To day we started at nine martched down clear br creak about 18 miles and camped on the bank of the creak

April 7, 1863
To day we started at 7 martched 18 miles and came up to the rear of the rebs and hurled them up with a fiere shell and camped on thare old camp grounds

April 8, 1863
To day we started back at 8 martched back to our old campground for the night

April 9, 1863
We started at 7 martched 16 miles and camped on Dear Creak the cavalry ketched some of the rebbles

April 10, 1863
To day we started at 8 martched to black byo had a skermish with the enemy had 2 men wounded

April 11, 1863
To day we lay in camp The rebbles came up in site of our pickets some of the boys went out and tried them at a long range but could not reach them

About 20 blank pages -- then near the back -- the following entry.

Camp near Vicksburg June 16, 1863
Let Sargent Blanchard have 2 kegs of bear for my use and oblige
Capt W. Blanchard Co. K 13th
Illinois Regt

Last page -- List of prices of clothing

Hat 1.63
Drawers .95
Cap .56
Drawers nit 1.00
Hauer .18
Stockings .32
Coat 1.21
Bootes 2.05
Pants non comish 3.75
Boots peged 1.48
Pants private 3.55
Overcoat 9.50
Blouse 2.40
Blanket 3.80
Pocket kit 2.10
Shirts flannel 1.46
Shirts nit 1.30