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Abolition Outrage.

From the Logan County Courier.

The greatest outrage occurred here on Monday last that ever disgraced this county. More hellish fiendishness was never exhibited by blood-thirsty savages. This is not the first time that abolitionists have sought to visit their proscriptive vengeance on democrats. But to cap the climax they have by their action helped odium and insult on the dead body of a democratic soldier, whose only offense was that he offered up his life in defense of his country.

The body of Private Rankin, of the 106th regiment, Illinois volunteers, was brought home on last Wednesday for interment, and his friends asked the use of the Baptist church in which to perform the last sad rites over his body. Rev. B. B. Piper was to preach the funeral sermon, but to the mortification of his friends the use of the church was denied upon the ground that the soldier had been a democrat, and that Mr. Piper was a secessionist. The charge against the soldier is true. He was a democrat, and loved the constitution better than the unconstitutional heresies of abolitionism. The charge against Mr. Piper is as false as it is malicious. No man but a devil incarnate ever thought of imputing a loyalty to him. It is but a few weeks since he had an occasion to go the army, when Gov. Yates gave him the following certificate:

SPRINGFIELD, Dec. [unknown] 1863.

Brig. Gen. Tuttle, Cairo, Ill. — General: The bearer, Rev. Mr. Piper, desires to proceed to Jackson, Tenn. for the purpose of taking care of the remains of a deceased soldier.

I can recommend Mr. Piper as a loyal and respectable citizen, and would request you to render him such assistance as may be in your power, to enable him to accomplish his object.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant.

This damnable outrage was committed by the men having in charge the Baptist church. God help such christians. Men who carry their filthy partisanship so far, and hunt down a democrat even after he is dead. They are notorious abolitionists and this is but the commencement of the warfare which they have threatened against us. Democrats like peace and order but they will never, submit to have insult heaped upon the dead bodies of their friends. A day of reckoning is coming, and the wisdom and patriotism of the people, together with a just God, will set things right.