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The Colored Population in Mass Convention.

At the colored meeting in Chicago on Monday last the participants proclaimed themselves as capable of being freemen "in common with their white brethren." They are right about that — so far as that locality is concerned. Their "white brethren" induced them to go there and they should share everything "in common."

They share the same sentiments fully, as may be seen by the half dozen resolutions adopted at the colored meeting. One of them is as follows:
Resolved, That we regard Abraham Lincoln, that honest man, (which is the noblest work of God) as standing above any president which has ever filled the executive chair, and more especially in signing the act emancipating the slaves in the District of Columbia. This we consider the noblest of deeds. May he ever live in the affections of our people throughout the land to the latest generation, and when he shall be called to rest from his labors of love and good deeds, may this act ever be an angel by his side.

This union of the brethren will doubtless cause the further prosecution of the Washington monument, to be conducted under the designation of Lincoln monument.