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Expressly to the Whig and Republican.
Gen. Curtis in Danger In Arkansas.
No Intervention yet from Europe.
[Special Dispatches to the Whig & Republican.]

CHICAGO, July 3.

This city was wild with excitement yesterday, occasioned by rumors that Richmond was taken. One rumor to that effect came from Fort Monroe, and another from the South by way of Memphis. Many believe that Richmond is ours at this moment, but that the War Department is keeping back the news. This is simply nonsensical. We have nothing from the Richmond region this morning. A telegram from St. Louis says "it is believed at Headquarters that Richmond is ours." New York papers of Tuesday morning, which came to hand last night, are filled with detailed accounts of last Thursday's and Friday's fighting near Richmond. Previous reports of a terrific character are fully confirmed, also the fact that the fight was attended with heavy loss. McClellan changed his base line with success, and now occupies a most advantages position to operate against and capture Richmond, with the aid of the Monitor fleet in James River.

A report comes through the Grenada (Miss.) Appeal of June 27th, announcing the commencement of hostilities against Vicksburg by Com. Porter's fleet.

A dispatch from Cairo announces the arrival of nine of Com. Farragut's fleet above Vicksburg.

Congress yesterday acted on a number of important measures, among them them that of the proposed new issue of small Treasury notes to the amount of $25,000,000. In the Senate the Finance Committee's amendment was adopted and the bill passed.

The subject of the enlargement of the Illinois and Michigan Canal was again taken up in the House, on a test vote, which showed a small majority for the measure.

The House has agreed to the Senate amendments to the army appropriation bills, providing for the appropriation of twenty millions of dollars as a bounty for the benefit of volunteers, and for the relief of the widows and legal heirs of such as die or are disabled in the service.

A resolution was introduced into the Senate for the expulsion of Senator Simmons, of R. I., for the abuse of his official position in speculating in army contracts.

The Tax and the Pacific Railroad bills have received the approval of the President.

No relief has yet reached Gen. Curtiss' army. It is alleged they are suffering intensely for want of provisions. An effort at last dates was in progress to send him reinforcements and relief.

The Memphis Avalanche of the 30th ult. publishes by professedly good authority the policy of desperation adopted by the Southern leaders. Their programme is to fight to the last, and when the worst comes ask to be admitted as colonies or possessions of England and France, although they much prefer the guardianship of the latter Power.

Advices from Salt Lake of the 30th, indicate trouble with the Indians in that quarter. Two bands numbering 400, have combined in a threatening attitude against the settlers. On Saturday afternoon they attacked eighteen United States soldiers near Rocky Bridge. Not the least annoying of their depredations is that of destroying telegraph lines.

Intimations from Memphis are that a formidable move is now on foot for Arkansas to relieve Gen. Curtis and drive rebellion from that State.

Col. Fitch's forces are still at St. Charles, Arkansas, and General Curtis at Batesville.

It is again announced from Washington that all the stories about European intervention in American affairs are false. It is asserted also that the French minister has recently given Sec'y Seward strong assurances of the French Emperor's intention to adhere to the policy of strict neutrality. It is stated from New York that steamers have left Port Royal for James Island, near Charleston, to convey the troops at the latter place to Hilton Head.