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Growth of Secessionism.

Report from Chicago are gloomy. Secessionism in that city is rampant. A majority of the voters in the city declared themselves, at the poles, last Tuesday, in favor of Jeff. Davis, Jeff. Thompson, Beauregard and company. It was a solemn vote, and the act was perfectly deliberate, after the question of adhesion to the south had been discussed for months. Of course, readers will understand that we refer to the vote taken on the question of adopting the constitution recently framed by the state convention. The majority was nine hundred and three. So we see that more than half the citizens of Chicago have unblushingly avowed themselves secessionists. We say they have done this, because the Chicago Tribune and prints of that stamp have all along insinuated, nay, charged that the support of that constitution was equivalent to a declaration of secessionism. The constitution has been called a "secession document," and the representatives of the people who framed it have been called a "secession convention."

Relying on the entire truthfulness, perfect candor, and never questioned decency of the afore said Tribune et al, we are driven to the painful conclusion that Chicago is no longer a loyal city. It is clear there is nothing for it but to declare martial law there, and to put the majority into the keeping of a provost martial.

P. S. — Worse and worse. The return of votes from the rest of the state are as ill-omened as from Chicago. Even the Tribune surrenders the state. Backaday! and has it come to this, notwithstanding all the teachings, preachings, rantings and ravings of the heaven descended oracle? — St. Louis Rep.

So remarks the St. Louis Republican this morning; but only think of the secession devil at the Illinois capital — from whence so many democrats have gone to the war! We have been told, time and again, to vote for the new constitution is treason! Gracious Heaven! And is this the conclusion? Let the result on the new constitution be as it may. Surely, there can be but little difference; but are all who voted for the "swindle" to be counted "secessionists?" Only think of it! Right under the droppings of the state-house! With Uncle Jesse, Messrs. Butler, Hatch and that everlasting, intense, never-say-die patriot, who every morning kills and cuts a secessionist, Judge-and-several-other-things-Fuller — right here, that 249 majority should be given for Jeff. Davis! Oh! Lordy! Let us be humiliated — disgusted, and other things. Old Sangamon — ever trusty, ever true, is treasonous! Something ought to be done — and Judge-and-them-other-things-Fuller ought to do it. Call on us. The country ain't safe.