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Schemes of the Oligarchs.

The oligarchs in the Convention keep a very prudent reserve in reference to the schemes they are nightly plotting in secret midnight caucus; but the outcroppings of the Register give intimations of the work they have in hand. It is clear that their entire efforts are directed, not towards amending and improving the Constitution of the State, but towards resurrecting, re-organizing and putting in power again, the corrupt remains of a defunct partisan organization. Without any regard to the interests of the people or the welfare and honor of the State, they are laboring solely to steal power from their rightful sovereigns for their won political advancement. To cover up their schemings, they talk wonderfully about frauds, public abuses, unworthy officials, etc., etc.; but they have been able to find nothing in all the varied workings of the State machinery upon which they can hang a valid charge. Their insinuations against better men than themselves are but pretexts for usurping authority which the people have never conferred upon them. They assume to set themselves up as sovereign and presume to dictate to their masters as though they were surfs and slaves, without any politicla rights whatever which they are bound to respect. They are at work enacting ordinances and amendments to the Constitution to be of immediate effect, without even allowing the people the poor privilege of approving them. They give the people to understand that they have all the powers, not only of the Legislature of the State, but of the Governor and the State officers and the Judges of all the Courts. The propose even, in the omnipotence of their assumed authority, to abolish any or all of these offices at their pleasure and to run the State Government themselves. What more they have in contemplation or under discussion in caucus remains to be seen. But if the usurpers can do one half they have already assume to be able to do, they can do as much more. They may make Illinois a slave State or they may carry it out of the Union, or they may even proceed to attach it to Jeff. Davis' model Confederacy. From the outcroppings of their mouthpieces we should not be surprised at anything they may attempt.