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Indian Warfare Revived.

It was a favorite custom with the Indians when they were acting as "belligerents," to display more than ordinary kindness and suavity when they had some great rascality in contemplation. Inspired by such noble examples from such an unexceptionable source, the rebels at Guyandotte, in Kentucky, have lately shown their regret at not being born Indians by introducing and adopting the warfare of the red skins as their own. They invited the Union soldiers quartered in the vicinity to their houses, to entertain them with Kentucky's "chivalrous" hospitality, and when all was ready, and with death signals from each house where the unarmed Union soldiers were being feasted, an overpowering band of rebel cavalry dashed into the town and re-enacted the horrid scenes of aboriginal days. And this achievement was shared in, not only by the rebel cavalry, but by the "chivalrous" citizens, and by the ladies of Guyandotte also, their dear Southern hands using the pistol and bowie-knife to aid in the work of treachery and murder!

Those ladies, and those free, enlightened and humane citizens all believe that human slavery is a divine and Heaven-blessed institution. Who will say nay?

It is not often that speedy vengeance follows an act of such fiendish atrocity, but in this case it did. That infamous nest of savages, Guyandotte, is now "wiped out" — it is in ashes — and its black-hearted inhabitant scattered or captured. So may it be with the homes of all such fiends, who, not content with a civilized warfare in behalf of their mistaken "rights," adopt for their tactics the cowardly cruelties and stratagems of a race for whose ferocity history is yet without a precedent.