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Treason to Democracy.

In accordance with the "no-party" programme, the renegade democrats, without waiting to see whether the nominee for congress is to be a Union man or not, are joining with the republicans for the purpose of nominating a renegade democrat for congress. Their nominee will probably be Murray McConnell, of Morgan county. Mr. McConnell has been a working democrat for forty years, but we believe that during that time there has been but few successive years when he was not asking for an office. When he has succeeded in obtaining a nomination, no matter what may have been the political status of his district, he has always been beaten by his opponent, or if elected it was by a vote much less than that of his party. Two years ago he resigned his office as fifth auditor of the national treasury for the purpose of coming home and securing the nomination for the unexpired term of the gallant Harris. After much letter writing and canvassing all over the district he succeeded in getting fourteen votes out of eighty in the congressional convention. He was wrathy at the time, and breathed vengeance, which he now hopes to have satisfied by breaking up the democratic party of the district.

A few weeks since, in order to have an excuse to leave the party, he drew up a set of resolutions and took them into the democratic convention of his county, expecting that they would be voted down, and then he would secede. But contrary to his expectations, the convention adopted the resolutions unanimously. McConnell then had to bolt the convention whose platform was written by himself. He immediately signed a call for an opposition "no-party" convention. The convention adopted other resolutions, made McConnell president, denounced the democratic party and recommended McConnell for congress. We warn democrats against such renegades. Although they may have been democrats for fifty years, they are all the more traitors to their principle and party when they then desert them. Put none but loyal democrats who stand by the party on guard. If any one thinks the democratic party are traitors he is unworthy of being a called a democrat. — Menard Axis.

There is a pen portraiture of the whole "no-party" project of this region. The facts stated need no comment. "He who runs may read"

The convention for the nomination of a democratic candidate for congress to fill Gen. McClernand's vacancy, meets in this city, on Wednesday, October 9th.