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A Negro Rebel Army.

It is announced that Jeff. Davis is about to call out a new army of half a million of black troops to fight for slavery, the condition being that they are to receive their freedom and fifty acres of land at the end of the war. If true, this shows the desperate strait to which the rebels are driven. But we do not believe that Jeff. Davis will dare to put arms in the hands of any considerable number of negroes, or that he will consent to the enfranchisement of so large an element of the slave population. It would be the death of slavery in the South. But if half a million of slaves are fit to be emancipated by Jeff. Davis, why not the same number, or even four millions, by President Lincoln?

But what do our Copperhead friends think of this new aspect of the negro question? Shall we hear them denounce the employment of negro troops by the Jeff. Davis Government, as they denounced their employment by the Federal Government? We suspect not. They will rather be found apologizing for and defending the former while denouncing the latter with unincreased violence.