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100,000 Strangers in the City.


McClellan's Nomination Considered [unknown].

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Attempt of the Rebels to Cross into Maryland.

Engagement Between the Commands of Hancock and Hill.

The Rebels Repulsed with Slaughter.

From the Plains — Indian Difficulties.

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[Special to State Register.]

CHICAGO, ILL. Aug. 27. — The McClellan demonstration to night was an immense affair, fully 50,000 people being present at the various stands, and the enthusiasm for Little Mac. was unbounded. The opinion is prevalent that he will be nominated on the first ballot under the two-third's rule. Horatio Seymour will nominate him for New York, which will vote solid in his favor, as will Pennsylvania and all New England, except Connecticut. Everything forebodes harmony, and no serious disaffection is expected.

Chicago is crowded to repletion — probably one hundred thousand strangers being present. Of course it is impossible to ascertain anything definite, as the delegates do not communicate much; but the above are the most reliable opinions I can get.

The conservatives this afternoon nominated McClellan, and adjourned without naming a candidate for vice president.