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Galesburg Patriotism:

The Galesburg Daily News says the idea has been suggested of raising a volunteer company in that city, for the war, and pertinently adds, that it is "a good idea, as Galesburg has but a very few — not a full company — now in the field." Galesburg has, or claims to have, about 5,000 inhabitants, and of course has its due proportion of able-bodied men, and a due proportion of able-bodied men, and a due proportion of whom ought to be in the service of the war. Galesburg is a thorough abolition hole, where a negro is considered as good as a white man, especially if the white man is poor, or a foreigner, and where negro freedom is the great "one idea." All other ideas in politics are made subservient to this one, and this war is looked upon by that portion of the inhabitants of Galesburg as a means for the consummation of their hope — the freedom of the negro. Let them show their sincerity, then, by furnishing their quota of volunteers for the war; and if they have not the nerve and patriotism to volunteer, let a requisition by draft be made upon them for about every third or fourth man subject to military duty. They have done their share in getting the country into the war, and they should be compelled to do their share of fighting till the war is closed. Two full companies, at least, should be enlisted in Galesburg forthwith. Let it be done. — Quincy Herald.