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Trouble at Danville.

We hear of a serious difficulty at Danville, in this state, originated by that scoundrel-errant, "Col." Hawkins, and another ruffian, named Gwinnip, who has recently disgraced the eagles of the U. S. uniform. These worthies defied any man or set of men in Danville to wear copperhead or butternut badges, whereupon an old gentleman, whose name we did not learn, placed a butternut pin in his bosom, and appeared in the presence of the bullies, when Hawkins tore it form his shirt front, whereupon the old man promptly knocked him down. Excitement arose and hourly increased, which finally culminated in a riot, starting we know not exactly in what manner, but resulting in the shooting of five men, some of whom are dead. A force of fifty soldiers was dispatched from Springfield to the scene, though we are not informed that the duly authorized civil authorities solicited the aid of the military.

Things have come to such a pass in Illinois, that we are constrained to advise democrats, if they choose to wear butternut or copperhead badges, to go armed, and if any man attempt to seize the emblem, shoot him down on the spot. It is your right, if you see fit to exercise it, to wear copperhead pins, or any other kind of jewelry, whatever may be said of the taste which dictates the display of any partisan badges. If a loyal leaguer can wear the sign of his partyism, why not a democrat? Let democrats stand up for their rights, and if assaulted while in their quiet exercise, defend themselves and punish the assailant. We have had enough of this interference with personal rights, and too much justification, by republican journals, of persons who attempt to infringe them. Wear butternut pins, copperhead badges, or anything else you choose; and if any one assault your person for doing so, treat him as you would a man who commits assault and battery without provocation. Teach these pot-house bullies that the personal privileges of a freeman cannot and shall not be invaded with impunity. A few cases of killing, inflicted upon these ruffians who make a practice of tearing off copperhead or butternut pins, would render the amusement less fashionable.