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Letter from Lieut. Jobe.

On board steamer Sir Wm. Wallace,
SAVANNAH, Tenn., March 17, 1862.

DEAR COLONEL — Madam rumor is doing wonders in Rock Island, and the people seem to be informed of certain transactions which take place in our division of the army long before we are made acquainted with them ourselves. Lieut. Koehler and myself to be shot! — that is surprising news, indeed. The day of our execution has passed, and "we still live" — which, no doubt, will be an alarming disappointment to some — who would rejoice from the very bottom of their hearts should anything of the kind take place.

If the officers of company D displayed any cowardice on the field, it certainly would have been discovered and made known by their own company. They are the persons to look to for a correct report, and not those who were a thousand miles away at the time of the battle. Time will bring these rumors all right.

Capt. Littler needs no defense at our hands, as he is fully competent to take of himself; and we believe the citizens of Davenport, of which city he has been a resident for several years, are well enough acquainted with him to put but little confidence in silly rumors gotten up by persons who prefer roasting their shins at home to exposing them to the bullets of the enemies of our country.

Yours truly, WM. F. JOBE.