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Our Flag.


AIR — "The Bonnie Blue Flag."

Come, boys, a song for our own flag,
Our colors old and dear;
Each shred and tatter time hath made,
We every one revere.
Then fling it once more to the breeze —
Unfold its crimson bars,
And let our friends know we retain
Our galaxy of Stars.

Chorus — Hurrah! Hurrah!
For freedom far and wide;
Hurrah for the dear old flag,
That fills our hearts with pride.

We've rallied 'neath its ample folds
On many a well fought plain;
And since our Country calls, we go
To bear it up again.
And never since by loyal hands
'Twas placed within our trust,
Has that old flag dishonored been,
Or trailed in Rebel dust.

Chorus— Hurrah! &c.

At Pea Ridge first 'mid shot and shell
It waved right gloriously;
And many 'neath its colors fell,
And died for Liberty.
Then next at Perryville it rose
'Mid shouts of victory;
And waving over vanquished foes,
Kentucky was made free.

Chorus— Hurrah! &c.

On Murfreesboro's stubborn field
We see it next displayed;
Though forced by numbers once to yield,
Our trust was not betrayed.
But high aloft 'mid carnage dire,
We bore its flaming bars,
And three score men there shed their blood,
To purify its stars.

Chorus — Hurrah! &c.


Next on Chickamauga's plain,
It faced Virginia's pride;
Though driven back, 'twas borne aloft,
And Rebel shells defied.
And last on Chattanooga's height,
In honor 'twas upreared,
And proudly waved 'till Mission Ridge
Of Dusky Coats was cleared.

Chorus — Hurrah! &c.

Then, boys, we'll ever love that flag,
Stand by it firm and true;
We'll wipe out treason from our land,
And traitor hordes subdue.
Then friends at home will look with pride
On those time honored bars,
And bless the men who fought and died
To reunite its stars.

Chorus — Hurrah! &c.