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The Voice of the People — Emphatic Rebuke to the Conspirators.

No more emphatic or withering rebuke could well be given to the Peter Funk, Secessian Democracy than the vote by which the people of the loyal State of Illinois have repudiated the proposed new Constitution. The whole scheme of the Constitutional Convention was a mere trick of broken down, dishonest and disloyal politicians and demagogues to so gain power and secure official patronage. From beginning to end, the proceedings of that Constitutional Convention showed most clearly that the welfare of the State and the best interests of the people never once entered into the deliberations of the pro-slavery Democratic conspirators. The sole aim of the crew was to foist themselves into office, and then by a grand revolutionary coup d'etat place the Government of the State of Illinois in opposition to the war and against a reconstruction of the Union. The details of the conspiracy, should they ever be brought to light, will reveal one of the blackest chapters in our political history; but the people were not idle spectators and unresisting dupes in the drama. They were not to be swerved form their loyalty by bland and specious falsehoods, or by cunningly devised fables. They saw that the new constitution, not merely from the desperate character of the men who concocted it, but from its crude, contradictory or immature provisions, its enunciation of State's rights or disunion doctrine, its reorganization of the judiciary endangering the liberties of the people, its unfair legislative districts, its unconstitutional Congressional apportionment, and its trap for turning out the present faithful State officers in order to make way for anti-war successors, would prove altogether one of the severest checks and backsets which the prosperity and loyalty of Illinois could receive; and give more encouragement to secession sympathizers and disunion Democrats than the loss of a battle. In their might they have rejected the miserable swindle and testified their contempt and scorn for the conspirators. The present Constitution under which Illinois has prospered and grown great beyond the expectations of the most sanguine, and from insignificance now proudly ranks as the fourth State in the Union, by the fiat and will of the people remains as the supreme organic law of the State; and the present able and faithful State officers, whom the demagogues attempted to blacken and traduce for their own base purposes, stand vindicated, indorsed, and approved by a stronger and more emphatic vote than that even by which they were chosen to office. The people of Illinois, — Republicans and loyal Democrats alike — have cause for rejoicing over the glorious result which their united ballots have achieved. They have saved our noble State from disgrace and infamy.