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How McClellan's Army was Defeated.

The New York Post exposes one of the means by which McClellan's army has been defeated, and how his regiments and brigades have been reduced in numbers. It is a sad picture, but nevertheless a true one. The writer in Washington, says:

It is stated here on unquestionable authority that 30,000 soldiers once belonging to the army of the Potomac, are now loitering over the free states, as well as they ever were. The president found on his late visit to Gen. McClellan that 70,000 of the troops taken to the peninsula, are now missing or absent. It is impossible to believe that more than 40,000 are killed wounded or sick. Gen. McClellan expressed the opinion to the president that more than half of the 70,000 absent soldiers are now well. How they got away it is almost impossible to tell. A fact, however, has just come to my knowledge, which will seem to elucidate the matter. A single member of congress has succeeded in getting furloughs and discharges for three hundred soldiers during the present session of congress.

This is a fact, and it will show how the army has been depleted, or at least one way in which its numbers have been reduced. The friends of soldiers — of regiments — have endeavored to get off every soldier who was sick of the service. Members of congress desired to be popular in their districts, and answered every call made upon them. Colonels of regiments and generals of brigades had the same desire, of popularity with their men, and one and all have aided in this depleting process, till the sum total of the absentees is enormous.