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The Journal Mourneth.

The Journal is grievously afflicted and positively refuseth to be comforted. It sees, or pretends to see, most portentous omens of coming danger in every action of the constitutional convention. We are not surprised at this, for the scripture tells us "the wicked flee when no man pursueth," &c. So far the convention has done nothing to which the Journal even, can take exception, but in what is yet to be done, the Journal sees with prophetic eye, the good work accomplished of the government of the state restored to democratic hands. "That's what's the matter," and a pretty serious matter, it is too, for the Journal and its friends. We trust our neighbor will calmly and resignedly await the inevitable decrees of destiny. Meantime, when it wants to discourse on the power of the convention, let it consult the opinion of Judge Logan, and the late report of the judiciary committee.