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Mr. Secretary Seward.


Monday, April 17, 1865.

We are gratified, in the midst of the general sorrow and deep gloom which overspreads the country at the death of President Lincoln, to announce that Mr. Secretary Seward, who was supposed to have been murdered by the knife of the bloody assassin, is not dead. It is now stated that his wounds are not mortal, though severe, the intention of the murderer being foiled by his rolling out of his bed. On Saturday he was so far revived that he was able to give a detailed description of the assassin. We humbly and sincerely trust that his life may be spared to us, his wisdom, his sagacity and his diplomatic ability being now so greatly needed by the afflicted nation. Meanwhile, during his incapacity for business, Mr. William Hunter, chief clerk in the State Department, has been appointed by the President, as Acting Secretary of State.