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Scene at the Death-bed of President Lincoln.


Springfield, Monday Evening, April 17, 1865.

A special dispatch: the Chicago Tribune, dated 1:30 on Saturday morning last, gives the following account of the painful scene at that hour at the bed-side of the dying president:
"I have just visited the dying couch of Abraham Lincoln. He is now in the agonies of death, and his physicians say he cannot live more than an hour.

"He is surrounded by the members of his cabinet, all of whom are bathed in tears. Senator Sumner is seated on the right of the couch on which he is lying, the tears streaming down his cheeks, and sobbing like a child. All around him are his physicians. Surgeon General Barnes is directing affairs. The president is unconscious, and the only sign of life he exhibits is by the movement of his right hand, which he raises feebly.

"Mrs. Lincoln and her two sons are in an adjoining room, into which Secretary Stanton has just gone to inform them that the president's physicians have pronounced his case hopeless.

"As I pass through the passage to the front door, I hear shrieks and cries proceeding from the room in which the grief-stricken wife and children are seated."