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Letter from Capt. J. A. Jordan.


RURAL, Rock Island Co. Oct. 20, 1862.

DEAR COLONEL. — I have been recently appointed by Gov. Yates to receive from the soldiers' aid societies of this region such articles as they may wish to donate for the benefit of the 102d regiment Ill. Vols. (Col. McMartry's) or any other regiment in Gen. Dumont's division, now in Kentucky. All articles entrusted to my care will, if possible, be delivered by myself in person. I go without money and without price, to visit and encourage the sick soldiers.

I would suggest to the friends of the soldiers that dried fruit, canned preserves, corn starch, mittens, gloves, comforters, quilts, blankets, towels, bandages, pieces of worn muslin, writing paper and stamps, would all be acceptable, and are much needed.

All articles will be delivered according to directions on package, and may be left with Judge Ephraim Gilmore, near Millersburg, in Mercer county; Carter Trego, of Galesburg, Parker Tenney, Esq., near Preemption, Mercer county, or at my residence as above. All persons are requested to leave a catalogue of the articles, and take a receipt for the same, and when I return I will publish a full account of the distribution made.

Friends of the soldiers! winter is nearly upon us, and we are all prepared to lay aside our work and sit down and enjoy our comfortable firesides. Shall we forget the brave boys who have gone out from the midst of plenty to fight for their country and suffer all the hardships incident to camp life? It has been my lot once, in Missouri, to hand the sick soldiers presents sent by the soldiers' aid societies, and I saw the tear unbidden start as they exclaimed, "thank God. We are still remembered at home."

Let us organize at once, and attend to the soldiers' wants.

Persons wishing further information, or those receiving donations as above directed, may address me as above.

Respectfully yours, J. A. JORDAN.

P.S. — I expect to leave by the 8th of November.

Mercer and Knox county papers are respectfully requested to copy this letter.