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The Times' Account of McClellan's Reverse.

NEW YORK, July3.

The Times has detailed reports of the battles of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from which it appears that the right wing of our army, of about 20,000 men, was attacked on Friday by a rebel force of not less than 50,000 men, and after a gallant fight our troops crossed the Chickahominy in order. On Saturday night and Sunday our whole left wing, under Heintzelman, Keyes, and Sumner, fell back along the lien of the railroad, and the Williamsburg Road, and marched to the James River.

The rebels crossed the Chickahominy in great force on Sunday, reaching the railroad, but made no pursuit; they remained, however, in possession of the ground previously occupied by our troops on both sides of the Chickahominy, including bridges and earthworks, which we had erected against their approach.

All our stores, &c., were withdrawn in good order, with much loss. Of course there was tremendous fighting during these movements, and heavy loss on both sides.