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Lincoln Officially Informed of his Nomination.

Addresses of the Chairman of the Committee and President Lincoln.

WASHINGTON, June 9. — About 2 o'clock to-day, the committee appointed yesterday by the National Union Convention, at Baltimore, to inform President Lincoln of his nomination by that convention, reached the White House.

Governor Dennison, president of the convention, and chairman of said committee, then addressed the president as follows:

MR. PRESIDENT: The national convention, which closed at Baltimore yesterday, appointed a committee consisting of one from each state, and myself, as chairman, to inform you of your unanimous nomination by the convention for president. That committee, I have the honor to inform you, is present, and on its behalf, I have the honor to present you with a copy of the resolutions or platform adopted by that convention, as expressive of its sense of the country which it represents, of the principles and policy that should characterize the administration in the present condition of the country. I need not say to you, that the convention is thus unanimously nominating you, gave utterance to the utmost universal voice of the people of the country. To doubt your election, would be little short of abandoning the hope of a final suppression of the rebellion and the restoration of the government. Neither the convention nor those represented by it, entertain any doubt as to the final result under your administration, sustained by the loyal people and by our noble army and gallant navy. Neither did the convention, nor do this committee doubt the speedy suppression of this most wicked and unprovoked rebellion.

I would add, Mr. President, that it would be the pleasure of the convention to communicate to you within a few days, through one of its most accomplished members, Mr. Curtis, by letter at more length, giving the circumstances under which you have been placed by the nomination for the presidency.

The president said:

MR. CHAIRMAN AND GENTLEMEN OF THE COMMITTEE: I will neither conceal my gratification nor restrain the expression of my gratitude that the Union people through their convention, in the continued effort to advance the nation, have deemed me not unworthy to remain in my present position. I know no reason to doubt that I shall accept the nomination tendered, and yet perhaps I should not declare definitely, before reading and considering what is called the platform. I will say now, however, that I approve the declaration in favor of so amending the constitution as to prohibit slavery throughout the nation. *** Such alone can meet and cover all cavils. I now perceive its importance, and embrace it in the joint names of liberty and Union. Let us labor to give it legal form and practical effect.

At the conclusion of the president's speech, all the committee shook him cordially by the hand, and offered their personal congratulations.