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Another Presidential Proclamation.

Our dispatches yesterday brought another proclamation from the president, declaring martial law and suspending the habeas corpus throughout the land. Nothing from the president surprises any one, in these days, but the inquiry naturally suggests itself & where the necessity of such a proclamation when the secretary of war, for months, has been acting upon a policy which now is enunciated from the executive head of the nation? Martial law and suspension of the habeas corpus have been practically in force for months.

This proclamation, following so suddenly the emancipation proclamation, is suggestive that the one is, possibly, a consequence of the other & that, instead of strengthening the government, it is already learned, that the emancipation proclamation is productive of weakness, hence "a keener weapon and a stronger hand" is required. On the other hand it is suggested that the movements, under the lead of Gov. Andrew, of Massachusetts, at Altoona, have convinced the president of the necessity of providing against the machinations of the radicals to seize command of the army, by putting Fremont at its head, and to dictate to the government the line of policy which it shall pursue.

With our present advices, we can see nothing in the condition of public affairs that renders in the condition of public affairs that renders a presidential proclamation of the kind necessary, in addition to the orders on the subject, and practically enforced, from the war department, issued months ago. But we await further developments, as to the causes which have led to this last executive edict.