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The New Constitution.

The constitutional convention closed its labors on Saturday, and to-day will adjourn sine die, having sat seventy-six days. Their work was closed up on Saturday, and the proposed organic law adopted, signed and submitted to the people. We give it in full to our readers to-day, with the able address of the convention in behalf of its adoption. We believe the new law is such a one as will meet the unqualified indorsement of an immense majority of the people. Indeed, its adoption is a foregone conclusion. It is eminently the people's new fiat against the abuses of corporate privilege, a return to fundamental principles, whereby the privileged few may not be permitted, "booted and spurred," to ride rough-shod over the masses. It provides for economy in our state government, and strict accountability of public officials. It provides for more frequent appeals to the source of power and for more speedy remedy for existing evils. As yet we have neither time nor space to discant fully on the subject to-day. The new instrument speaks for itself, and designing politicians may intrigue as they may, it is "bound to win." Democrats will support it en masse, and all sorts of people who believe that the rights and interests of the masses are superior to the cravings of the pampered few, who believe in a just performance of official duty, and a stern accountability of public servants, will give the new constitution their support.

Everybody read the new law, and compare it with the present, and none can doubt the true course to pursue.

Democrats of Illinois, people of all partisan leanings — read the new law, and bear a hand for its adoption.