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Imbecility at the State Capital.

The negligent, weak and inefficient management of our state affairs is a subject of much complaint, especially among those who helped to disgrace Illinois by electing its present executive. We do not suppose it does any good to find fault, but we feel that it is a burning disgrace to Illinois that she has a governor whose habits unfit him for a proper discharge of his duties. The incompetency and selfishness which reigns in the executive room and in the adjutant's department, has kept Illinois from assuming the position she is entitled to in this war. — Illinois should have had near a hundred thousand troops, all well armed, uniformed, equipped, and in the field, weeks ago, — and she would have had, but for the imbecility which reigns in Springfield. As it is she has not half that number. The people responded to the president's call, in the most patriotic manner, but through the selfishness of party management and party contractors, even those who did volunteer, were kept from any active duty. No act has yet been performed by Illinois troops which attracts the attention of the nation. It is not the fault of our brave boys, but of the stupid party management at Springfield. The indignation of the party friends of the present executive expressed to him, too, in the most emphatic manner, has recently infused a little more energy into the management of public affairs. It is not too late for Illinois to do something yet.