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March 13


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, March 13,1776.

Parole, Fairfax.

Countersign, Kent.

A General Court-Martial to sit to-morrow morning, at ten o' clock. All evidences and persons concerned, to attend the Court.

The Rifle Regiment, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Hand, and the three Rifle Companies under the command of Captain Stephenson, are to be ready to march to-morrow morning, at ten o' clock. A copy of their route, with their orders, will be delivered to Lieutenant-Colonel Hand and Captain Stephenson this afternoon.

As the Ministerial Troops in Boston, both from information and appearance, are preparing to evacuate that town, the General expressly orders that neither officer or soldier presume to go into Boston, without leave, from the General-in-Chief at Cambridge, or the Commanding-General at Roxbury. As the enemy, with a malicious assiduity, have spread the infection of the small-pox through all parts of the town, nothing but the utmost, caution on our part can prevent that fatal disease from spreading through the Army and country, to the infinite detriment of both. His Excellency expressly commands every officer to pay the exacted obedience to this order.

If, upon the retreat of the enemy, any person whatsoever is detected in pillaging, he may be assured the severest punishment will be his lot. The unhappy inhabitants of that distressed town have already suffered too heavily from the iron hand of oppression! Their countrymen, surely, will not be base enough to add to their misfortunes.

After Orders. His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief, orders that the Rifle Battalion, with Stark' s, Webb' s, Patterson' s, Greaton' s, and Bond' s Regiments, be immediately relieved from duty, and hold themselves in readiness to march on Friday morning next, except the Rifle Battalion, which marches to-morrow.