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Order of the Maryland Convention



In Provincial Convention, Annapolis,

December 11, 1775.

Resolved, That the Parliamentary Post be not permitted or suffered to travel in or pass through this Province, with any mail, packages, or letters; and the several Committees of Observation are requested and directed to see this resolution strictly observed and executed.

Resolved, That no boat or other vessel belonging to this Province, go out of this Province without a license in writing from this Convention, the Council of Safety hereafter to be appointed, or from some Committee of Observation, in which the particular place such boat or vessel shall be designed to go to, shall be expressed in all licenses granted by the Committees of Observation. And if any such boat or vessel shall be navigated beyond the limits of this Province, without such license, or if, after having obtained such license, the shipper thereof shall, without absolute and inevitable necessity, go to, or touch at any place out of this Province other than mentioned in such license, or shall carry any person or letter, of which he shall not give previous notice to such Committee, or shall bring back any person or letter, of which he shall not give previous notice to such Committee, as soon as may be after his return, such shipper, and all other persons accessory to such misbehaviour, may be punished by imprisonment; but it is understood that this Resolution is not to prohibit the crossing Potomack, although the boats or vessels employed or used, therefore, should go up the creeks, or arms of the Potomack river, making into Virginia, or to prohibit the passing and repassing at the Ferry on Pocomoke river.