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Proceedings of the Lancaster Committee



At a meeting of the Committee of Inspection, Observation, and Correspondence, at the house of Adam Reigart, the 26th of July, 1776:

Present: Edward Shippen, Wm˙ Atlee, Lodwick Lowman, Henry Dehuff, Christopher Crawford, Jacob Krug, John Miller.

William Atlee in the Chair.

There being a number of young lads in town, to wit: Henry Wilson, William Furguson, William Porter, Robert Jockley, Michael McGachakin, George McGighagin, James Ellet, Robert Jones, and Christian Newcomer, who have been, at the request of Colonel Hand, under the tuition of the Drum Major of Colonel Slough' s Battalion, and the Fife Major of Colonel Ross' s Battalion, and those teachers being now employed in the service in such manner that they cannot instruct the said lads, and Captain Ross now being about to march to the Camp, and agreeing that the said lads shall march under the care of his Sergeant:

It is Resolved, That the said lads be sent, under the care of Captain Ross' s Sergeant, with his direction, to the Camp at New York; and that the Chairman write to Colonel Hand by the Sergeant, informing him of this proceeding, and that the Committee have advanced £4 10 to the Sergeant for their subsistence by the way.

Colonel Greene representing that near fifty of his Flying-Camp Company are now in this town, armed, accoutred, and ready to march, and that a number of the draughts of some of the Companies of his Battalion have not yet joined them, requests the sentiments of this Committee whether those who are shall march for the Camp under his command, and what method shall be taken to oblige the other draughts to follow:


Upon consideration, it is the sentiments of this Committee, that those who are in this place, armed and accoutred, be immediately marched for the Camp, where there may be immediate occasion for them; and that this Committee immediately write to Captain Ambrose Crean, Thomas Roppeheffer, and John Rough, requiring them immediately to send down to this place the draughts from their respective Companies appointed or allotted to form the said Flying Camp Company, that they may follow their commanders to the Camp as expeditiously as possible; and if they refuse to proceed upon being required, to march them under Guard.

Ordered, That 7 6 be paid to Edward Smith, one of Colonel Greene' s Company, for riding express the other day with Circular Letters to the Colonels.

William Sergeant, of the Seventh Regiment, is permitted to work with Jacob Heffer, at the Blacksmith' s business, he here in Committee engaging to be answerable for him agreeable to the Resolves of this Committee.