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Isaac Low chosen Chairman


New-York, Monday, May 23, 1774.

The Committee appointed to correspond with our sister Colonies upon all matters of moment, met at the Coffee House, pursuant to notice for that purpose given: Present,

Isaac Low, Chairman,
Theophilact Bache,
Alexander McDougall,
Leaonard Lispenard,
James Jauncey,
Isaac Sears,
Joseph Bull,
John De Lancey,
Abraham Duryee,
John Broome,
Thomas Marston,
Charles Nicholl,
James Duane,
Richard Sharpe,
Peter Goelet,
Nicholas Hoffman,
Philip Livingston,
William Bayard,
Alexander Wallace,
Peter Van Schaack,
Benjamin Booth,
Henry Remsen,
Peter T˙ Curtenius,
Abraham Walton,
John Moore,
David Johnston,
Richard Yates,
John Alsop,
Abraham P˙ Lott,
Edward Laight,
William McAdam,
Gabriel H˙ Ludlow,
Charles Shaw,
William Walton,
Thomas Randall,
Gerardus Duyckinck,
Abraham Brasher,
Jacobus Van Zandt,
Peter V˙ B˙ Livingston,
Charles McEvers,
John Jay,
Miles Sherbrook,
Hamilton Young.

The Committee proceeded to choose Mr˙ Isaac Low, to be their Chairman, and Mr˙ John Alsop, their Deputy Chairman.

The Committee received a Letter from the body of Mechanics, signed by Jonathan Blake, their Chairman, informing them of their concurrence with the other inhabitants of this city, in their nomination.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Duane, Mr˙ Jay, and Mr˙ Van


Schaack be a Committee to draw up a set of Rules for the regulation of the Committee, and present the same to the next meeting.

Ordered, That the first five members on the list, who shall be in town be a Committee to open all letters directed to the Committee, in the absence of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

Ordered, That Mr˙ McDougall, Mr˙ Low, Mr˙ Dunne, and Mr˙ Jay, be a Committee to prepare and eport a draft of an Answer to the Boston Committee, at eight o' clock, P˙ M˙; to which hour the Grand Committee were then adjourned.