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Mayor of the City


The Mayor of the City of New-York attending in the next room, informed some of the members, that the Magistrates had applied to a Carpenter to build a Boat for the Ship Asia, to replace that lately burnt belonging to the said Ship Asia; that the Carpenter desires an order or protection from this Board for that purpose, to convince any of his fellow-citizens (who might inquire) that he is doing that work with the approbation of the Committee.

Thereupon, an Order was made in the words following, to wit:

This Committee do hereby signify their approbation of the conduct of the Civil Magistrates, in ordering the building of a boat to replace that lately burnt in this City, belonging to his Majesty' s Ship Asia; and require the carpenter which they have or shall employ for that purpose, to perform the same.

Ordered, That two copies of this Order be engrossed, and signed by one of the Secretaries, and delivered to Mr˙ Mayor.